Tru-Fit Carpets knows a thing or two about what you expect for your restoration

Tru-Fit Carpets has been manufacturing aftermarket moulded replacement floorings for vehicles since the 1970s.
It says its team of long-time car enthusiasts have been perfecting the process of creating press moulds to manufacture replacement floorings as well as other insulations products.
At the same time, Tru-Fit Carpets says its tooling department are experts in taking the pattern/moulds from the actual vehicle’s floor pan, not the factory carpet flooring.
“Living in Australia, we’re a hard-working country that are used to a vast array of harsh conditions and terrains,” Tru-Fit Carpets Managing Director, Neville Ploeg, said.
“To help cope with this, Aussies are opting for our replacement Vinyl Floorings to replace their carpet original flooring.
“Whether you’re jumping into your Ute with your steel-cap work boots or driving off to that 4WD trip down Fraser Island, you know you’re protected with a hardwearing floor under foot.”
Tru-Fit Carpets says it is dedicated to manufacturing long lasting, custom moulded Vinyl Floorings for a large range of vehicles.
“Carrying a five-year wear through warranty, our Vinyl Floorings will handle anything you throw at it,” Neville said.

Available for most vehicles, including most Sedans, Wagons, Utes and SUVs, and a select truck model range, custom flooring can be selected in your choice of either Black, Grey or Brown in colour.
“Our Vinyl Floorings are not an exact replica of the factory supplied flooring. What they are is a durable, heat-pressed Flooring moulded to each vehicle’s individual floor pan shape,” Neville said.
“They do require some installation trimming and hole cutting. This is beneficial for vehicles that have had modifications, or different thicknesses in underlay.
“If you are looking for a flooring option that will give you peace of mind from mud, dirt, water, spills entering your vehicle, our Vinyl Flooring is the way to go!
“Going on a 4WD trip with mates this weekend through some river crossings? No worries! Our Vinyl Flooring has got you covered.”

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