Perfect to reduce road noise and drumming in those tough Australian conditions

Tru-Fit Carpets says its Resomat Premium product is an Australian Made, quality automotive sound deadener.
Resomat Premium controls car panel noise with resonance reduction, anti-drum and aluminium heat reflection layers for superior insulation in your vehicle.
Tru-Fit says the product not only improves in-car comfort, but also improves audio performance.
“That way you don’t have to worry about being able to hear your favourite song while driving in that tough Australian terrain,” Tru-Fit Carpets Director, Neville Ploeg, said.
“Resomat Premium is also the only Sound Deadener on the market which is easily removable when necessary.
“Need to do a window reg or door handle repair after Resomat has been installed? No problem! Resomat Premium will peel off easily in the sections needed, while still being reusable, so you can do your repair, and you will be able to install it back into place on your vehicle.
“This is the added benefit of using our Australian made NON-butyl based product. Unlike cheap imitations, Resomat Premium does not contain any butyl or bitumen properties, which will harden and lose performance over time, or give off nasty odours.
“If you are looking for a quality sound deadener that is easy to install, our Resomat Premium is super flexible and does not require a heat gun for application. It will easily mould around the floor contours of your vehicle and also door panels and can even be applied to roof surfaces.”

In addition to being a popular sound deadener for the aftermarket, Resomat Premium has also been installed in Australian assembled vehicles such as buses, large transport trucks, train carriages and more.
“These companies insist on products that maintain their performance qualities over the lifetime of the vehicle, which is exactly what Resomat Premium sound deadening provides,” Neville said.
“When restoring your car, we know you want a product that will not only perform long term for your vehicle, but is also price competitive.
“Resomat Premium can be purchased in single sheets or for larger jobs various Bulk Pack boxes are available which provide more for your money.
“Whether you’re restoring that old classic HQ Holden Sedan, or a 4WD GQ Patrol Wagon, we’ve got you covered!”

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