Fulcrum says it has the Formula when it comes to 4×4

Years after launch, Fulcrum Australia says Formula 4×4 continues to kick goals in the 4WD industry and is thriving as a leading contender within the suspension game.
It states that the Formula range has been rigorously tested and matched to ease through extreme Australian conditions.
Fulcrum explains that about four years ago it noticed a gap in the market where suspension kits and upgrades were unaffordable, sold without warranties or with bad warranties and most of all, were only designed to make your car look good.
It says it decided to take matters into its own hands and create something unique. It says the result is the Formula 4×4 suspension system which has “revolutionised the 4×4 industry” and is backed by years and years of knowledge and experience.
Fulcrum says Formula 4×4 has been its greatest creation yet, bringing comfortable, affordable and performance 4×4 shock absorbers to your feet.
The range is built from high grade carbon steel, incorporates a special valve system to suit different spring rates, and is filled with high quality oil, seals and low gas pressure nitrogen for fade free performance.
Fulcrum has also partnered with other aftermarket specialist products such as SuperPro in order to make Formula 4×4 shocks “the best of the best.”
The Formula 4×4 shock absorbers are also backed by a three-year or 60,000km warranty because Fulcrum says it is so confident that the Formula range will provide longevity and comfortability.
“Alongside our Formula #strong 4×4 range, we’ve made the upgrade, buying and fitting process a lot easier with our Formula 4×4 Lift Kits,” says Fulcrum.
The Lift Kits have been specifically tailored to ensure the ride qualities of vehicles are not compromised.
They are designed and assembled in Australia to give your 4WD suspension improved stability under any load when towing and to provide greater control over your drive.
Fulcrum says having the Formula 4×4 advantage will allow you to increase your flex, driving capability and your on/off road vehicle traction.
Overall, Fulcrum says if you are looking for improved suspension performance you should consider Formula 4×4 to experience outstanding ride quality, comfort with control and exceptional value for money with an outstanding warranty.

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