Introducing the Corghi Uniformity – the world’s first diagnostic tyre changer

Corghi Australia says Uniformity is the world’s first ‘Diagnostic Tyre Changer,’ breaking new ground in both safety and efficiency.
The Uniformity reportedly halves the number of steps it takes to fit a new tyre. As a result, it delivers “massive increases” in workshop efficiencies in addition to improved workflow and safety. But most importantly, says Corghi Australia, investing in a Uniformity will ultimately increase profitability.
Corghi Australia explains that when using current technology, fitting a tyre is a four-step process of Mounting, Diagnostic, Match Mounting and Balancing.
It explains that the Uniformity completes the Mounting, Diagnostics and Match Mounting tasks simultaneously, leaving only the balancing to be completed by the operator before the wheel and tyre assembly is ready to be fitted back onto the vehicle.
“The Uniformity is the first Tyre Changer that allows match-mounting to be carried out directly on the tyre changer, transforming it into a real wheel diagnosis centre,” Corghi Australia General Manager, Andrew Cornwell, said. “This is essential for the professional who wants to provide clients with a first-class service.”
Corghi Australia says the key is the unique variable thrust pressing roller and the precision laser sensor, which delivers a complete diagnostic evaluation of each wheel and/or the entire set of wheels. It analyses the wheel geometry in a loaded and unloaded state, simulating behaviour on the road and favouring driver comfort and safety, in addition to completing the normal tyre mounting and demounting operations.
“The Uniformity resolves the vibration problem by providing the tyre fitter with suggestions about how to best mount the tyre on the rim, making it possible to reduce the actuation work time by at least 25 percent and reducing the total time by up to 50 percent when compared with traditional tyre fitters,” said Andrew.
Operators are guided step-by-step through the tasks that need to be performed via a modern and intuitive graphic video interface and the machine resolves detected faults by optimising the coupling position between the rim and tyre.

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