AB Phillips’ Comprehensive Motor Trade Insurance

In the fast-paced world of the motor trade industry, where the rumble of engines and the flash of auto lights are the norms, the significance of tailored insurance cannot be overstated.
For businesses entrenched in the complexities of auto electrical and lighting, navigating through the myriad risks without the right protection is akin to driving at night without headlights.
AB Phillips says it stands as your steadfast protector amid the complex tides of industry risks.
“More than just providing policies, we deliver a promise that your business is really covered, crafting a safety net from the most robust and inclusive coverage available,” Jaidyn Moore of AB Phillips said.
“Motor trade insurance is not a mere requisite; it is essential for a resilient business model for those in the vehicle industry, especially for professionals in the auto electrical and lighting sectors.
“This specialised form of cover shields your business from the dynamic challenges inherent in dealing with vehicles.
“Whether you’re an independent operator tinkering with car electronics or a full-scale dealership illuminating the way with advanced lighting solutions, the right insurance policy from AB Phillips guarantees you’re really covered.
“Our expertise in tailoring insurance solutions speaks volumes of our commitment to your business’s security and growth.”

Exclusive, market-leading cover
AB Phillips states that its motor trade insurance facility is not just a policy – it is a pledge.
“Developed in an exclusive partnership with leading insurers, our offerings stand unparalleled in the market,” Jaidyn said.
“We ensure your business is protected with comprehensive features, such as faulty workmanship coverage that exceeds double the industry standard, up to $50,000.
“Our policy also extends to activities involving watercraft up to 12 meters in length and includes essential protection against fire, theft, and when test driving client vehicles.
“These are not just benefits; they are our commitment to your business’s protection and prosperity.”

Specialised coverages for the motor trade
The motor trade demands more than generic insurance policies. Recognising this, AB Phillips says it has curated specialised coverages which resonate with the auto electrical and lighting trades.
“From Electronic Equipment and Machinery Breakdown covers that shield against unexpected equipment failures to Driving Risk Cover that provides peace of mind for workshop employees, we ensure every aspect of your operation is protected,” Jaidyn said.
“These specialised extensions are a testament to our ‘Really Covered’ promise, ensuring that your business is shielded on all fronts, letting you focus on what you do best: revving up the motor trade.
“At AB Phillips, we pride ourselves on a claims process that is as streamlined as the vehicles you work on.
“Understanding that time is of the essence, we’ve designed our claims procedure for quick resolution and minimal disruption, allowing your business to resume operations swiftly.
“Being ‘Really Covered’ means more than just financial protection; it means having a partner that stands by you, ensuring a smooth journey back to business as usual.
“Our dedicated claims team is committed to guiding you through every step, reinforcing your confidence in our support.”

Tools and trade insurance
In the trades industry, your tools are not just accessories; they are the lifeline of your business.
Recognising their value, AB Phillips explains that it offers comprehensive tool and tradie insurance, protecting the very essence of your trade.
“These additional covers are designed to complement your main motor trade insurance,” Jaidyn said.
“They ensure that every aspect of your business, from the tools you rely on to the vehicles that carry your brand, is protected under a robust safety net.”
Small businesses form the backbone of the motor trade industry, each with unique insurance needs that demand bespoke solutions.
“At AB Phillips, we simplify the process of obtaining comprehensive coverage,” Jaidyn said.
“By offering customisable and affordable insurance options, we ensure that small businesses can enjoy being really covered without the complexity often associated with insurance products.
“Our approach is tailored to fit the unique contours of your business, allowing you to drive forward with confidence.”
The road through the motor trade industry is filled with opportunities and challenges.
“Ensuring that your business is protected with the right insurance is crucial for navigating this landscape,” Jaidyn said.
“AB Phillips stands out as a beacon of comprehensive protection and expertise in the industry. We are not just insurers; we are partners committed to the success and security of your business.
“Don’t let the complexities of insurance steer you off course. Contact AB Phillips today to discuss how we can tailor a motor trade insurance policy that ensures your business is secured.”

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Jaidyn Moore on 0498 586 211 or visit