Enjoy easy access to your vehicle’s roof

Down Under Distribution says it is excited to announce the arrival of the Rightline Gear original Moki Door Step product to the ANZ market.  
Giving you the ability to effortlessly reach the roof, roof racks and objects mounted on roof racks, the Moki Door Step is a universal globally patented door step that will fit “virtually all” modern Motor Vehicle/SUV applications.
The Step provides a comfortable platform for both feet and allows for a balanced standing position. The patented Step also eliminates dirty shoes on vehicle seats and the need to carry bulky step stools or ladders; and if you are short or your vehicle is tall, the Moki Door Step makes getting your gear on or off your roof a breeze.
To use, simply hook the Door Step over the D-shaped door latch in any of your vehicle’s doors. Once fitted, you can load and strap down car top cargo bags and boxes; canoes, kayaks, and SUPs; skis and snowboards; and bikes. You can even use it to help wash your vehicle’s roof.
The Moki Door Step is universal and also boasts the following features:
• Easy “one, two, three” installation using the silicon coated hook
• Constructed from quality aircraft aluminium for ultimate strength
• Handles weight up to 181kg (400Ibs)
• Powder coated bright orange for clear visibility
• Long design to allow for two feet loading
• Heavy grip tread and drainage for wet/muddy conditions
• Compact design allowing easy storage in the glove box or spare wheel compartment of the boot
• Protective rubber heal to prevent paint damage to the vehicle’s door pillar
• Protected by global patent 10,155,479
• Attractively gift packed for easy hang sell or countertop display

Applications include:   
• Cleaning the roof of cars, vans and SUVs
• Mounting Bikes, Kayaks, Surf Boards and SUPs on to roof racks
• Accessing roof boxes mounted to the top of vehicles
• Use by hunters and fishermen
• Accessing the roof of commercial vehicles to safely access ladders and other equipment
• Emergency vehicle applications
Down Under Distribution is the exclusive distributor for Rightline Gear in Australia and New Zealand and says the Moki Door Step is just one product from its line-up of outdoor automotive equipment from Rightline Gear.
Available in the coming weeks will be roof top storage systems, rear mounted storage systems, truck bed/trailer nets with tarps, truck and SUV tents and mattresses, specific Jeep products and universal weatherproof duffle bags.

For more information, call 1800 304 811, email
sales@dudistribution.com or visit www.dudistribution.com