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Roadsafe – one of Australia’s leading undercar component suppliers for the automotive aftermarket for over four decades – offers innovative suspension repair components covering a vast range of almost five million vehicles.
Applications cover 4WDs, SUVs, local and imported passenger vehicles, and light commercial vehicles, with the range constantly expanding to meet Australian car parc replacement requirements.
Roadsafe says it recently introduced a suspension replacement innovation that saves workshop labour time and money while ensuring an accurate and complete control arm and related bushings replacement.
Roadsafe Replacement Control Arms reportedly ensure that general automotive technicians and suspension specialists are fitting a completely brand new, OE quality specified control arm as a bolt in replacement with no pressing required.
The use of Roadsafe Replacement Control Arms reduces suspension component fitment issues, by eliminating the process of fitting new parts into unknown worn components.
Whether the reason for repair is worn suspension arm bushes or a worn ball joint, the other components fitted to the arm have done exactly the same amount of work over its lifespan, so in reality while still serviceable, these components could be on borrowed time, requiring dismantling a second time in the near future.
Another complication with modern vehicles is the use of what are referred to as “time positioned” bushes. This is where the centre hole is offset rather than being dead centre of the bush. 
The complication here is when pressing in a new bush, the positioning of the bush is absolutely critical and if pressed in only a few degrees out can lead to alignment issues, harshness, noise and most importantly, shortened service life of the bush. This usually leads to a come-back job that no workshop needs.
To eliminate all of these issues and create a better result for your customers, while saving workshop time for your business, you can replace the complete suspension arm and get the job right the first time.
The Roadsafe Replacement Control Arm range includes upper arms, lower arms, radius arms and strut rods across both front and rear replacement applications.
The quality of these automotive aftermarket suspension components is backed by a 40,000-kilometre, two-year warranty.

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