Graeme and Wendy Cowin will stay on as Directors

Rocket Industries has announced the appointment of Morice McMillin as Chief Executive Officer.
Morice has been with Rocket Industries for many years and has a wealth of industry knowledge to apply to this position.
“We believe that Morice is the right person to guide the company into the future,” Rocket Industries Managing Director, Graeme Cowin, said.
“We have some exciting developments coming up as a business and look forward to seeing these come to fruition with Morice as Chief Executive Officer.”
“Rocket Industries has played such a big part in the history of the Australian aftermarket performance parts industry, and I am very proud to lead the team into the future,” Morice said.
“Graeme and Wendy have built and grown Rocket with an unparallelled passion and tremendous knowledge of the industry.
“Rocket’s brands, staff and valued customers are very important, and we will continue to strive forward with those same values.”
Morice has assumed responsibly as CEO of the company effective immediately.

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