Precision Automotive Equipment says the “world’s most trusted lift” is again setting the industry standard for innovation and value

Rotary Lift says it is continually developing its range of hoists and accessories to ensure safety and efficiencies are always front and centre. Designed to suit a number of models in the Rotary hoist range, the latest addition to Rotary’s accessories list are the plug ‘n’ play options of SpotLine and LockLight.
SpotLine is a motion activated laser spotting system that helps centre vehicles in service bays quickly and accurately. Designed for use with Rotary clear-floor two post hoists, the laser device installed to the overhead bridge simply shoots a green line down the centre of the vehicle during approach. Rotary Lift says this innovative solution helps to ensure you are right where you need when loading a vehicle for a quick, efficient lift, stating gone are the days where you need to have multiple attempts at trying to centre a vehicle on a two post hoist.
LockLight reportedly provides peace of mind as it provides an instant green light visual confirmation when a hoist is lowered onto its mechanical locking system. Before any under vehicle service is performed by a technician, a hoist should be set securely on its locks.
Precision Automotive Equipment says this patent pending system is an easy way to protect your technicians, your investment and your business. With its bright green light, you can easily see from any vantage point within your workshop that your Rotary hoist is on its locks.
“No matter the size of your shop, LockLight gives technicians and owners the certainty their hoist is on its locks and ready for the safe maintenance of a vehicle”, Precision Automotive Category Manager, Brent Wilkinson, said.

With preventative maintenance and longevity of hoists in your shop also a vital factor in today’s environment, Precision Automotive Equipment says it is important to know that SpotLine and LockLight help minimise wear and tear maintenance costs. With SpotLine designed to position vehicles in the dead centre of the bay and LockLight designed to remind technicians about putting their hoist on its locks, both accessories help to reduce unwanted pressures across the lift.
“Both the SpotLine and LockLight are tried and tested and have been available from Rotary in the past, but with them now available as plug ‘n’ play, it gives you greater flexibility for purchasing and fitting opportunities,” Brent said.
The plug ‘n’ play options, which are currently available for select three phase hoists built from December 2019 onwards, can either be ordered and fitted at the time of your new hoist purchase or they can be added at a later date.
For single phase and earlier three phase models built prior to December 2019, Rotary Lift also has hardwired options available.

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