For maximum driving and road safety

ZF Aftermarket is encouraging motorists who want to drive safely on the roads to have their vehicles carefully inspected on a regular basis, particularly coming into the colder months.
Workshops that offer such vehicle inspections with a focus on safety-related components can not only meet the understandable desire of the driver to have a vehicle in good working condition, they also have the opportunity to successfully connect with the customer by demonstrating a high level of expertise. ZF Aftermarket supports these workshops in their role by providing high-quality spare parts and sound expertise.
Recognising and repairing chassis damage
Unevenly worn tyres on one axle, for example, might indicate that the shocks absorbers are not working properly anymore. This can impair the vehicle’s traction and stability on uneven roads or in curves. Not only that, it creates a risk of aquaplaning even at lower speeds meaning that safety systems, such as ABS, slip and stability control, may not be fully functional. The stopping distance is also significantly longer. Faulty shock absorbers should therefore be replaced immediately.
Defective, worn joints can lead to major problems while driving and represent a safety risk. The rubber bellows and sealing boot on the tie rod should also be inspected for cracks. Wear on these components tends to be gradual, however, it can significantly impact vehicle handling, especially in critical situations.
Keeping brake systems in good shape
A routine brake systems check is also necessary when it comes to the issue of safety. Brake pads should be replaced when the residual lining is down to less than two millimetres and no later; and drum brake shoes when the residual lining reaches one millimetre.
Nowadays, almost every car is equipped with disc brake wear indicators, which should not be ignored.
ZF Aftermarket brands
ZF Aftermarket says it has the right components for repairs, stating that its brands LEMFÖRDER, SACHS and TRW stand for original equipment quality and technical innovations as well as technical service solutions.
The product portfolio includes transmissions and transmission parts, axles, steering systems and differentials, chassis and steering components, shock absorbers, disk brake systems, drum brakes and actuating systems, not to mention steering and drive components and rubber-metal parts from the world’s leading technology company in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology.

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