Every Rowe product is 100 percent made in Germany and is proudly distributed in Australia by MotorActive

With sustained levels of extreme stress, pressure and temperature, combined with the crucial importance of maintaining absolute reliability at the critical limit, there are few environments tougher on equipment than motorsport.
Given these unrelenting and notoriously destructive conditions, it is understandable motorsport invariably requires a plethora of bespoke products – especially in the area of engine and driveline lubricants.
Rowe says its Hightec Racing Coolant is a prime example, stating that this premium-quality, ready-to-use coolant not only performs flawlessly at temperatures and pressures well beyond those experienced in a performance road car, it does so without the use of Glycol.
Glycol additives are prohibited by virtually all track operators and motorsport bodies due to their propensity to leave a greasy residue if spilled onto the racing surface.
Rowe says that more than just being motorsport approved, the advanced formulation of its water-based coolant provides excellent heat transfer, has minimal tendency to foam and eliminates the typical problems caused by unsuitable water.
It states the coolant also exhibits outstanding, long-term resistance to corrosion, cavitation and the formation of undesirable deposits within the cooling system.
Free of nitrite, amine and phosphate, it’s fully compatible with all materials typically used in engines and their cooling systems.
Rowe says this makes Rowe Hightec Racing Coolant ideal for both alloy and cast-iron engines. In order to exploit the full benefit of Hightec Racing Coolant, Rowe highly recommends a complete change of coolant.
Rowe says it recognises that racing improves the breed – which is why it owns a race winning motorsport team.
Rowe says it is the ultimate laboratory, with every racing kilometre equivalent to 20km of performance road driving.

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