From Selleys

Selleys says its RP7 Heavy Duty Degreaser is a non-hazardous waterbased formula developed with the consumer in mind.
It explains that its Selleys RP7 Heavy Duty Degreaser is ready to use for easy clean-up of:
• Tough grease;
• Grime and oil from engines;
• Machinery;
• Metal;
• Tools; and
• Work benches or similar.
Selleys explains that its RP7 Heavy Duty Degreaser rapidly dissolves and removes grime, grease and oil from a wide range of surfaces too, including metals, steel, aluminium, rubbers, plastics, automotive paint, and laminate.
It can also remove automotive fluids such as transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid while being non-damaging to automotive paints, bicycle paint, rubbers or plastics.
The product has a low odour formula which can be used in small confined spaces where ventilation is poor and is available in 500mL trigger bottle.
For convenience, Selleys explains it has also launched the Selleys RP7 Heavy Duty Degreaser in a convenient wipes pack.
This wipes pack features powerful heavy duty cleaning nodules on a strong cloth. The wipes can absorb and clean grease, grime and oil with no rinsing required; and the product dries quickly while leaving no residue on surfaces.
The Selleys RP7 Heavy Duty Degreaser wipes pack is available in a pack of 12 ‘supersized’ wipes.

For more information, visit www.selleys.com.au