Titan GT1 Flex 23 SAE 5W-30 is Fuchs’ premium engine oil for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

The global car parc has seen a great deal of change in recent years with an acceleration of oil specifications driven by OEM vehicle manufacturers requiring higher levels of performance.
Fuchs explains its engine oil solution to this requirement is simple: stock and use Titan GT1 Flex 23 SAE 5W-30.
With its combination of ACEA C2 and C3 and corresponding approvals, Fuchs says its Titan GT1 Flex 23 SAE 5W-30 is a premium engine oil for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles which offers a wide range of harmonisation opportunities across several European and Asian manufacturers.
Titan GT1 Flex 23 SAE 5W-30 is also suitable for vehicles running on petrol, diesel or gas (LPG, CNG) and also in combination with up-to-date exhaust gas after treatment systems. Fuchs says it can also allow for more than double the fuel reduction compared to conventional ACEA C3-products of the same SAE-class.
Ray Peruzzi has been using this product in his regional NSW business, RPM Repairs, which services all kinds of light vehicles from vintage to current cars as well as commercial and many makes of European vehicles.
Before stocking Fuchs’ Titan GT1 Flex 23 SAE 5W-30, Ray says RPM Repairs would have had to stock up multiple different types of engine oils in order to cover all the vehicles being serviced by his business.
“Titan GT1 Flex 23 SAE 5W-30 has been a revelation as it has reduced us stocking at least four or five engine oils,” Ray said.
“We now have three 205 litre drums of engine oils which cover most of the vehicles being serviced and a couple of 20 litre drums of different oils. This has made a big difference to our stock value and profit.
“In particular, this saves us time and money because our three drums are pumped straight into digital measuring guns at the hoists.”
According to Fuchs, Titan GT1 Flex 23 SAE 5W-30 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded engine oils. However, Fuchs says mixing with other engine oils should be avoided to fully utilise the product’s benefits.
Along with its strong list of Approvals and Recommendations, Titan Flex 23 SAE 5W-30 is available in a variety of key pack sizes, including 5L bottles and 205L drums.

Key features:
• Universally applicable for diesel, petrol and gas engines of manufacturers;
• Potential to improve fuel economy compared to oils of the same viscosity class;
• Very good ageing resistance; and
• Protects exhaust aftertreatment systems.
Specifications and approvals:
• ACEA C2/C3
• dexos2 (D235ABAD075)
• MB-APPROVAL 229.31
• MB-APPROVAL 229.51
• MB-APPROVAL 229.52
• VW 505 00/505 01
• FIAT 9.55535-S1 / -S3
• GM-LL-A-025
• GM-LL-B-025
• IVECO 18-1811 CLASSE SC1

For more information, visit www.fuchs.com.au