Quality, tailor-made accessories for your vehicle

Rubbertree is a ‘NZ/AU based and made’ online automotive accessories store with more than 2,000 patterns on file; providing quality tailored and in some cases manufactured to order solutions specifically for your vehicle.
This includes Car Mats, Boot Liners, Seat covers and Sunshades, to name just a few, with these aftermarket parts designed for your vehicle to look and function better and protect the value of your asset.
Rubbertree says it strives to supply you with a quality product tailored to the exact fit of your vehicle.
Every Car Mat comes with a clipping system unique to what you have in your vehicle so the mat sits in place, and has a non-slip backing. There are three different types of carpet and rubber to choose from, ensuring there is something for everyone.
All of Rubbertree’s rubber is non-slip, odourless and waterproof. The rubber is designed with a textured surface to capture all the dirt and spills, eliminating the need for a lip around the edge.
Rubbertree’s carpet offering ranges include Classic, Luxury and Platinum carpet – each with a different pile, colour options and non-slip backing and finished off with a stylish binding.
Rubbertree explains it also has a range of different materials available for Seat Covers, with each designed to suit a different lifestyle and purpose.
Each cover is tailor made to your vehicle so “the cover becomes one with the seat,” with Rubbertree stating that it has covers to suit everyone.
Tailor made Sunshades are Rubbertree’s newest addition to its product range. These shades are tailored to the exact pattern of your screen, leaving no opportunity for light to come through and so keeping your vehicle nice and cool.
The Sunshade also protects the interior of your vehicle from the harsh sun rays – all it takes is a simple release of the Velcro strap and your Sunshade is ready to go.
Rubbertree says its exterior and Ute accessories range include everything from Gap stops and Sunshades to things as simple as air-vent phone holders and bumper protectors. It states that once again, all these products are tailored to your vehicle.

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