Tailored to the 2008 to 2018 Isuzu N Series with 4HK1 engine

Designed and engineered in Australia, Ryco Filters has introduced a customised Catchcan for the Isuzu N Series light commercial vehicles, and it is available in store now.
First to market, the Ryco Filters’ RCK400 Crankcase Filter Assembly Kit – also referred to as the Catchcan – has been tailored to the 2008 to 2018 Isuzu N Series with 4HK1 engine, and offers a range of benefits for owner operators and fleet owners.
A complete package, Ryco Filters says the
Isuzu RCK400 Catchcan Kit includes all the parts required for the technician, including the bracket, moulded emissions hoses and joiners and clamps, when fitting or replacing the crankcase filter.
An additional length of emission hose is included if required to fit in an alternative location.
Ryco Filters says the benefits of installing a Crankcase filter system are numerous; they remove oil and impurities from the blow-by gases generated by the engine, prevent oil and soot contamination entering the clean air intake, they protect the turbo chargers, avert oil build up in intercoolers, and keep the engine components clean.
The RCK400 Crankcase Filter Assembly Kit is an important protective product for owner operators, but substantial if you run a small or large fleet of Isuzu N Series commercial vehicles.
Having a Catchcan fitted results in a better performing, more efficient engine that helps improve fuel economy and reduces contaminants in the atmosphere.
“The Isuzu Catchcan is an innovative new product that has been designed, engineered and tested right here in Australia by Ryco’s research and development, and engineering departments,” Ryco Filters General Manager, Engineering and Innovation, Alastair Hampton, said.
“A genuine performance product, the Catchcan plays an important role in the on-going running of your vehicle and ensures longevity.
“The benefits of fitting the RCK400 Catchcan Filter Assembly Kit to your Isuzu are conclusive, and is just another reason why Ryco is Australia’s favourite filter brand.”
Clever in its design and easy to fit, the mounting bracket is designed in two parts, which allows the whole unit to be attached and removed quickly. The RCK400 mounts the crankcase filter assembly externally on the chassis, making inspection and servicing easy for the technician. Further to this, a tap has been incorporated into the sump to allow for the easy draining of contaminants.
“We recently drained the Catchcan from an Isuzu N Series that had travelled less than 10,000 kilometres to see how much oil and contaminants had been collected,” Ryco Filters General Manager Commercial, Nathan Grant, said.
“A 300-millilitre pool of contaminated oil had been collected in the Catchcan; oil that has not been circulated back through the intake system.
“If this had not occurred, the oil would have caused carbon build up that restricts the air intake resulting in power and efficiency loss. These N series- 4HK1 engines do not have a factory PCV filter so this is a great example how Ryco filters have created a solution for our customers. Fitting the RCK400 will protect your investment and reduce maintenance costs.”
The Ryco RCK400 Catchcan Kit for the Isuzu N series is available nationally now.

For further information contact your local Ryco Filters distributor, visit www.rycofilters.com.au or contact the Ryco customer service team on 1800 804 571.