Fuel water separators are an important line of defence for your engine

While OEM fuel filters do their job of filtering a large amount of fuel contaminants before they reach the engine, they can have limitations and may prove ineffective against water and other particulates.
The S102XK Ryco Fuel Water Separator Sensor Kit comes with all the parts necessary for users to be notified instantly by the Ryco Connect App when it is time to inspect and drain the unit, eliminating unnecessary visual assessments.
Having a fuel water separator can assist your vehicle’s fuel system by filtering water and particulates before they ever reach the fuel filter, however, this is only working if the fuel water separator itself is clean and serviced regularly.
What the Ryco Fuel Water Separator Sensor Kit does is support this line of defence, providing additional assurance to 4×4 owners that their engine health is protected by being better aware of what the fuel water separator’s servicing needs are.
Ryco has also introduced the S101X Bluetooth Sensor Indicator, a hands-free optional accessory to accompany the Fuel Water Separator Sensor Kit, providing an in-cabin audio-visual alert notifying drivers when it is time to service their fuel water separator.
The Bluetooth Sensor Indicator is powered by the traditional auxiliary 12/24V power adaptor or modern USB-A port and will operate even when the Fuel Water Separator Sensor Kit is connected to the Ryco Connect app, never interfering with app notifications if you are wanting to use both.
Both items are now available from all good Ryco stockists. Full product specification sheets can be downloaded from the Ryco website.

For more information, visit www.rycofilters.com.au