SACHS, a global leader in the automotive aftermarket and in original equipment technology, is expanding its presence in Australia

SACHS has added more than 100 new shock absorber fitments to its range so far this year, seeing it offer one of the broadest ranges in the local market with in excess of 3,500 different shock absorbers, struts and accessories.
The SACHS brand is one of many that reside within the ZF Group, which is now one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world after the acquisition of TRW in 2015. Renowned for global product innovation, quality and performance, these traits are inherent across every product group marketed under the ZF brands.
The SACHS parts programs currently offer shock absorbers, clutches and driveline components which extend across multiple vehicle segments including passenger, light commercial, buses, trucks, trains, motorcycles and off-road transport.
Accordingly, SACHS says its customers can expect original equipment compliance and quality products no matter where they are in the world, regardless of whether it’s an OE or aftermarket solution they require.
Demonstrating its commitment to the local market and in particularly the vibrant automotive aftermarket here in Australia, the expansion of the shock absorber range has reinforced SACHS’ often cited ability to cover a targeted 95 percent of passenger car models older than five years, making the range one of the strongest and most comprehensive in the Australian market.
Backed by quality German engineering and manufactured from high-quality materials tailor-made to specific vehicle applications, high performance and reliability is guaranteed, says SACHS.
“SACHS has a long and proud history in Australia. The parts available locally are the latest in terms of innovation and thoroughly tested to ensure they suit the needs of our market and are of the quality you would expect from our brand,” ZF Services Australia Managing Director, Mark Sookias, said.
“If you are on a train, a bus, driving a truck or a passenger car, or even watching Supercar races, the probability of a SACHS product being connected is extremely high. This, combined with the three decades of experience we have in the Australian independent aftermarket means we can claim that SACHS is a brand you can trust.”
Each year, more than 10 million new vehicles equipped with SACHS dampers and shock absorbers roll off the production line.
Today, in Europe alone, the SACHS spare-parts portfolio includes shocks and dampers for more than 38 million Asian vehicles of various manufacturers. SACHS says this helps to strengthen its range offering locally.
In Australia, the SACHS range spreads across passenger car, 4WD and SUV models; and commercial vehicle types, which includes bus and truck, trailer, agricultural and construction vehicles.
Proven performance is one of the main reasons why SACHS is represented in Australia by the country’s most successful and recognised racing car driver, Craig Lowndes.
Whilst Craig is the ‘face’ of the SACHS brand in Australia, what really makes him a credible ambassador for ZF’s SACHS brand of shock absorbers and clutches, is that he genuinely uses the product and has done for the past 13 seasons. His teammates, Jamie Whincup and Shane van Gisbergen, also rely on SACHS components with a proven record of continuous success for the Triple Eight Race Engineering team.
What’s more, Craig is also a trained motor mechanic with a genuine interest in, and understanding of, the technical side of his Triple Eight Race Engineering-built racing cars.
With SACHS shock absorbers and clutches having helped him to more than half of his 105 Supercar Championship race wins, Craig takes an active role in the performance of these components.
“Frankly, one of the biggest contributors to car performance is the shock absorbers, so our work with SACHS means we are forever developing in this area,” Craig explains.
“Get the damping right and it makes a huge difference to the car’s behaviour on track and therefore your lap speed and tyre longevity, both critical to winning races.
“I don’t think that there’s a day that goes by that I am not using a SACHS product in some form, be it in the race car, in a road car or the transporter.”
Being three times more popular than the next most popular driver is a strong start when it comes to being a brand ambassador, but it is Craig’s ability to talk with real credibility about using the product that makes such a difference.
“No question, when I am representing SACHS, I am able to talk about the brand with genuine first-hand experience,” Craig said.
Mark explained: “Craig is obviously immensely popular and widely recognised across Australia, but it is his credibility that brings so much to the SACHS brand.”
“Craig genuinely uses the product and has real-world experience with it. His background as a motor mechanic also means that he understands the product and its performance. So, when he talks about safety, reliability, performance and trust, you know you can rely on what he says,” Mark said.
“For SACHS it’s the perfect solution – Craig is someone who is enormously respected, very well liked, widely recognised, realistic and totally credible. Whilst he is able to represent our brand to a broad range of customers, it is his authenticity that we admire and respect, and which synchronises perfectly with our business. We’re very appreciative of having such a direct link between Craig and the SACHS brand.”
Alongside Craig’s role as Brand Ambassador, SACHS cites its technical training as another one of its strengths in the Australian market.
ZF Services Australia provides regular training sessions for customers. With a highly diversified local car parc, the key focus is to provide technical knowledge to aid workshops professionally diagnose, service and repair modern vehicles equipped with ZF products. The training sessions also provide a platform for sharing up-to-date information on the latest technology.
Also supporting customers is SACHS online presence, which provides tips for customer workshops on topics such as product inspection, disposal, impact damage and leakage.
“SACHS is continuously evolving its market offering. Whilst we gain from economies of scale by being a global organisation, we think and act with a local paradigm,” Mark said.
“We greatly value and appreciate the business our customers provide. We will ensure we are always considerate of our customers’ needs and deliver to those expectations.
“That’s a never-ending process and at the core of our business in Australia.”
The SACHS Shock Absorber range is also highly complimented by an extensive range of Bump Stop and Boot kits with over 200 different kits which are specifically designed to match the OE specification for optimal shock absorber protection.
Additionally, SACHS also offers a comprehensive range of strut mounts and bearings with over 340 listings available.

For detailed application information on the full SACHS range, visit, the website or contact ZF Services Australia for further information via 1800 ZF SALES (93 72537).