Lead the way in safety and boost your sales

According to surveys, more than 40 percent of workshop owners are concerned about margins and profitability in their business.
The car servicing industry certainly is brutal, and only workshops at the leading edge survive.
Investing in your business is the only way to not only keep up with your competition but thrive. Those behind SafeTStop say investing in a SafeTStop brake testing system is one way you can do this.
SafeTStop says its plate brake testing system is the ideal investment for the vehicle repair and maintenance business that wants to:
• Take the lead as a business by ensuring customers know that conventional decelerometer brake tests and current safety test legislation are not at the leading edge of safety and that there’s a far superior test available.
• Value-add and increase income by recommending an inexpensive SafeTStop plate brake test to each customer, typically priced around $29.95.
• Pinpoint brake problems quickly – problems a conventional brake test wouldn’t even catch – a win for your business and your customers.
• Check wheel alignment and suspension function at the same time, as well as the corner, axle, tow-ball, and total vehicle weights using the integrated weighbridge.
• Provide a clear, printed report to your customers to support your maintenance and repair recommendations, or illustrate the effectiveness of the completed work, to build trust and loyalty.
You can have it installed in less than a minute, at a walking pace, in the safety of your workshop. Alternatively, you can install a SafeTStop plate brake tester outdoors (it is weatherproof), and because it sits on a flat concrete surface, such as your driveway, it uses unused area rather than taking up space.
Then you can park on it or drive across it on the way to a hoist – it becomes part of the floor that can be safely driven over by any vehicle under 4.5 tonnes.
For heavy vehicle businesses and operators such as councils and transport contractors, the SafeTStop brake test system and weighbridge provide you with a complete Chain of Responsibility solution.
SafeTStop has approval for brake testing in every Australian state and territory and New Zealand, and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Backed by Adelaide University research results
A recent in-depth investigation by Adelaide University revealed that a car with the front brakes limited to 54 percent of maximum pressure could pass the legislated decelerometer brake test.
SafeTStop says the results indicate the current brake testing legislation is desperately overdue for an update.

For more information, call SafeTStop on 1300 88 61 64.