The right knowledge and the right equipment is vital when working on EVs and Hybrids

Unquestionably there are new and inherent risks associated with the maintenance and repair of Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles in contrast to conventional vehicles, such as:
• Short circuits potentially creating explosions and fires.
• Exposed connections and the presence of faulty high voltage cable which has the potential for electric shock, resulting in serious death or injury.
• Components that may retain a dangerous voltage even when a vehicle is switched off.
• Harmful gases and liquids that can be released when batteries are damaged.
• Vehicles silently moving and people being unaware.
• Components which may move unexpectedly due to magnetic forces.
For mechanics and technicians who perform service and maintenance on EV and Hybrid vehicles, it is essential they become competent by being aware of the manufacturers’ procedures and completing accredited courses run by registered training organisations so as to be able to identify potential risks and safely immobilise, disable and deenergize an EV or Hybrid vehicle.
Electrical Factory Outlet explains that it provides the required personal protective equipment (PPE) as listed in AS 5732:2022 Electric Vehicle Operations – Maintenance and Repair.
This includes caution signage, electrical insulating gloves, arc face shields, voltage testers, 1000V insulated tools and other relevant products.

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