With TRW Brake Fluids

Amongst the latest developments in automotive manufacturing is the inclusion of advanced braking systems in most new cars, including electronic stability programmes (ESP).
As ESP technology develops, brake fluid needs to act quickly to maximise the performance of the system and prevent the car from skidding.
Whenever drivers use their brakes, the brake fluid heats up and, as brake hoses get older, the amount of moisture that gets into the system increases, resulting in a lowering of the brake fluid boiling point.
If the brake fluid reaches boiling point through the use of the brakes, ‘vapour lock’ will occur, which can result in brake failure.
This is why it is important to change the brake fluid of a vehicle on a regular basis, with ZF Services Australia recommending workshops regularly check a vehicle’s brake fluid, with annual changes advised.
Available through ZF Services Australia is TRW’s extensive range of brake fluids, which cater for a wide range of vehicles, including those with drum brakes through to high-performance vehicles with ESPs.
Driven by safety, all TRW brake fluids are tested to the extreme and exceed international DOT specifications. ZF Services Australia says this means that all TRW brake fluids deliver higher performance in safety critical areas including boiling points and viscosity performance, as well as offering better anti-corrosion and rubber performance.
TRW’s brake fluids reportedly incorporate the latest technology to make vehicles safer, with a blend of advanced lubricants, stabilisers, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors to help minimise wear and maximise performance.

The range includes:
• DOT 3: DOT 3 brake fluid from TRW is designed for vehicles with front and rear drum brakes, as well as hydraulic clutch systems. Additionally, some Japanese car manufacturers recommend DOT 3 brake fluid for their vehicles with ABS and ESP.
• DOT 4: TRW recommends the DOT 4 brake fluid for vehicles with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear. DOT 4 is also suited for vehicles with disc brakes all round as well as those fitted with ABS. The special DOT 4 ESP has been added to the TRW range to offer support for vehicles fitted with ESP and ABS. While for high-performance vehicles, TRW recommends the DOT 4 GT brake fluid, which has been designed specifically for racing applications.
• DOT 5.1: The latest in brake fluid innovation from TRW, the DOT 5.1 ESP is ideal for heavy, high performance cars, providing an extra level of safety, which can cope with ambient temperatures from -50oC up to +50oC. DOT 5.1 ESP has been designed to complement the very latest ESP, with the low viscosity of the brake fluid allowing for a faster increase and decrease of the pressure needed for varying braking demands.

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