Suspension kits add stability which can improve the overall handling experience, especially while carrying loads and towing

According to SuperPro, many factory vehicles have poor handling characteristics, especially with regards to understeer and roll resistance. The company says the factory suspension set-up was never designed to control anything other than a standard vehicle at standard ride height.
The SuperPro RC0009RZ and RC0016RZ can be supplied in two diameters and has in-built adjustability into each bar, providing the customer with ample options to customise their ride to their desired needs.
SuperPro says this product line successfully creates preferred handling performance on and off road, reduces chassis roll, increases durability, and provides a higher level of safety with no loss of comfort. These benefits are particularly useful for vehicles carrying loads and towing and SuperPro says it is proud it can supply a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, technically desirable design to customers.
Fitting larger sway bars, particularly in the rear, has two main effects: vehicle balance in terms of understeer and oversteer, and increased roll resistance. Both effects can provide increased overall handling and safety benefits in a 4WD vehicle.
A larger rear sway bar, or the addition of a rear sway bar, helps in providing more neutral characteristics in the handling. This is due to the increase in roll stiffness at the rear, which changes the loading of the rear wheels under conditions of increased cornering load.
A positive effect of introducing a larger rear bar is the reduction in chassis roll. This reduces the effects of “roll camber” – the variation in the wheel and tyre camber setting due to chassis roll. During cornering, the presence of chassis roll usually results in the outside wheels gaining positive camber. By increasing the roll stiffness and reducing the roll camber effect, the wheel and tyre combination stays closer to its optimal setting, explains SuperPro.
The Ford Ranger and Isuzu D-max factory vehicles are not supplied with Rear Sway bars at all, thus supplying the customer with no option to correct the handling and safety issues when they are lifted and loaded. For this reason, SuperPro has designed a heavy-duty rear sway bar and fitment kit with in-built adjustability to meet the needs for all customers.
SuperPro says the fitment kit for RC0016RZ is uniquely developed to fit the sway bar to chassis frame securely without having to alter any OE components.
Unlike the RC00016RZ, the RC0009RZ is unable to be mounted to the leaf spring pack, therefore SuperPro has developed an additional innovative solution to mount to the rear differential: a D-Bush and Bracket which can be used to mount directly to the already existing flat plate on differential tube itself.
All the bushes that are provided with the Sway Bar are made from Polyurethane. SuperPro’s Polyurethane is an innovative advanced Elastomer Formulation that provides high temperature resistance and excellent anti-sag properties. This is a material that allows for all the critical attributes of Noise, Vibration, Harshness, Ride, Handling and Durability to be attained.

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