Sam Castellano has been a part of the Terrain Tamer team for four decades

In this day and age, it’s an extremely rare achievement to have worked with the same company for twenty years, let alone forty, but that is exactly what Terrain Tamer has recently celebrated with Business Development Manager, Sam Castellano.
Sam started out his career as a rep for a competitor, but Don Kyatt Group Managing Director Frank Hutchinson recognised Sam’s talents and hired him as a Parts Interpreter in Melbourne in 1981.
It was just under a year later when he and his wife Lynn packed up a truck and headed to Adelaide, tasked with opening the company’s first interstate branch.
What was meant to be only a short 12-month tenure soon turned into a permanent move and Sam remained the Branch Manager in Adelaide for over 30 years, during which time he would spend many long months on the road, tasked with finding business in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
Often gone for up to three months at a time, Sam would cross the Nullarbor to southern Western Australia before heading straight up to the top, east to Darwin and back down the centre to home, visiting customers and heading down any number of unexplored tracks if he heard of a 4WD business that he hadn’t visited before.
These trips not only proved instrumental to the continued growth of his branch in Adelaide, but also to the company’s expansion, opening branches in Perth in 1992, Alice Springs in 2004 and Darwin in 2008.
With their children now grown up, Sam and Lynn relished in the idea of change, so when the role of Manager at Terrain Tamer’s European warehouse in France became available in 2014, Sam was quick to put his hand up and started his next adventure with the company on the other side of the world.
He spent four years in the position before handing over the reins to his Assistant Manager and returning to Australia.
Two years ago, Sam took on the role of Branch Manager of the original Moorabbin branch and, with his developing team, has achieved some incredible results. 
New branding, a rebuild of the branch’s showroom and offices, new storage facilities, new online systems and introducing several delivery drivers has allowed the 50-year-old branch to bring a modern approach to the loyal customer base of South East Victoria.
Sam is the longest serving current member of staff besides Managing Director Frank Hutchinson, however of the company’s 150 current staff members, 25 have served for over 25 years, passing down their training, values and knowledge from the early years of the company to the next generation of Managers.
When asked what has kept him with Terrain Tamer for so long, Sam puts it plainly.
“Sure, I could’ve moved on over the years, but I love the people and I love the company. It’s as simple as that,” Sam said.
“I love the way the company has changed. There’s something happening all the time, it’s never stayed still, and that means I don’t either.”

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