With new Greasable Pins

ARB has added an additional range of serviceable components to its Old Man Emu suspension packages for leaf spring vehicles.
ARB explains that your suspension is one of the hardest working components of your 4WD – regardless of whether you are cruising down the freeway or traversing your favourite off road track, your suspension is always working.
Due to their mechanical nature, suspension components require an additional level of servicing and maintenance to prolong their life and ensure the optimal level of performance.
Pins and shackles are used in all vehicles which utilise leaf spring suspension; most commonly found on the rear axle of modern utes. Pins and shackles are the parts which affix the front and rear of the leaf springs to the chassis; swivelling and swinging, these components allow the springs to lengthen and contract.
While some common moving parts like wheel hubs are kept operational with bearings, others (including many suspension components) are lubricated with greased polyurethane bushes (sleeves). Bushes are rarely sealed, and during normal operation are subject to becoming dry or affected by dust and dirt ingress into the grease, reducing their performance and longevity.
To maximise the life of these parts, regular servicing is required by keeping the area clean and replenishing old grease. In the case of a standard leaf spring, this is generally undertaken by completely detaching the spring from the chassis at both ends; a job that requires no less than a car jack, wheel stands, tools and time.

A streamlined solution
By using greasable pins and shackles, ARB says servicing Old Man Emu leaf spring suspension becomes that much quicker and easier. It explains that with the simple use of a grease gun, Old Man Emu greasable pins and shackles can be serviced on the vehicle without the removal of suspension parts or additional tools (other than a grease gun). So, whether you are looking at installing a new suspension package or are looking at a way to reduce the cost associated with ongoing servicing of your current leaf spring set up, ARB says it is worth considering upgrading to Old Man Emu greasable pins and shackles.
ARB has offered greasable shackles for the most popular 4WDs for many years as well as a small number of greasable pins for select vehicles. In late 2019 ARB released greaseable pins to suit a range of popular 4×4 utes including current model Ranger, HiLux, D-Max and Colorado with additional product due to be released soon to support other current and older vehicles.
ARB recommends having your suspension bushes lubricated no less than every 5,000kms for normal on-road use and as regularly as every 2,500kms for offroad use. While leaf springs (with ARB’s maintenance-free liners) should be serviced every 10,000km or 12 months for general on-road use or every 5,000kms or six months for offroad use.
ARB explains that servicing is more than just greasing and includes checking wear on all components including bushes, shock absorbers, springs, spring seats and more. It warns that it is an unfortunate reality that some vehicle manufacturers’ workshops will not service aftermarket suspension; so, while you might be getting your 4WD serviced as per the service book, it states it is worth checking with your service centre that your suspension is getting the attention it needs.

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