Interequip offers a range of Carman and Autel diagnostic scan tools

It is a pretty universally accepted notion that information is key to servicing modern vehicles.
Interequip says that is why it is recommending a two for one deal on scan tools.
It says Chinese manufacturer Autel and Korean manufacturer Carman offer scanner solutions which cover both old cars and new cars.
Interequip says its two for one deal must be one of the best value propositions available today.
It states the offer represents “the most honest approach in the industry to scan tool capabilities and widens the gap between Interequip’s offerings and the rest of the industry, effectively filling the need independent repairers have to service and repair modern vehicles.”
Autel has cheaper service tools such as MD808Pro or MX808 which cost lower than $700, while the entry professional tool, DS808, is Autel’s basic scan tool which is able to perform normal fault code and service light resets.
It can also read live data, perform sensor activations and perform DPF burn offs, release electronic park brakes and calibrate steering angle sensors.
It is delivered with a OBD2 connector and also older vehicle specific connectors as an option.
Autel also has advanced deep level programming scan tools, such as the Maxisys Elite which can reprogram ECUs or the Ultra, which is a scope and scanner in one tool and includes subscribed information for repair.
The Carman range of scan tools is again different from the Autel range and has long history of diagnostic development and software. Interequip says the Carman range is especially good for older Asian cars.

For more information, go to or contact Interequip on 18000EQUIP or email