Diesel Help Australia is offering a range of webinars on this topic

Diesel Help Australia, while well known for its capabilities teaching technicians how to diagnose common rail diesel vehicles without a scan tool, is now also offering training webinars on how to use the diagnostic tools with diesel vehicles.
“While we continue to teach (diagnosing CRDs without scan tools) in our online Ultimate Common rail diesel diagnostics training (UCRD) and in over the phone consultations, late last year we began running webinars including using the scan tool when working with diesels,” Diesel Help Australia Director, Clinton Brett, said.
“There are currently four webinars, each an hour long, which are being offered free of charge to Diesel Help members and their staff. The four webinars cover Common Diesel Faults; DPFs diagnosis and testing; Diesel scan tool familiarisation; and Testing injectors and compression using the scan tool.
“New subjects will be released throughout the year, including diagnosing earlier electronic and mechanical diesel systems.”
Diesel Help Australia says that today, the scan tool is a requirement for every workshop. The technician must adapt new components after replacement, update software, reset and readapt systems immediately after a service; with some vehicle services unable to be completed without this.
“Diagnosing with a scan tool on a diesel requires more than just looking at graphs and data. I have seen many technicians make the mistake thinking a common rail diesel is the same as an EFI petrol engine. They are not! A petrol uses a spark to ignite air and fuel to create combustion, a diesel engine only uses the air and fuel to create combustion as explained in our UCRD online training,” Clinton said.
“The data on a diesel can be completely opposite to what you see on petrol and often the comment is made “but this defeats all theories of an engine!” and I say, “only if you are stuck with petrol on your mind!”
“Using the scan to test injectors and compression becomes a valuable tool. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers read or use the same data. Therefore, viewing both the Diesel Scan Tools Familiarisation and Testing injectors and compression using the scan tool webinars is beneficial to gain an overall understanding.
“The injector feedback data ‘buddy system’ is a comprehensive part of Testing injectors and compression. This course demonstrates diagnostic strategies for injector and compression issues on Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser V8, Prado, Hiace, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-max, Hino truck, Isuzu truck and Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50.
“The Diesel Scan Tool Familiarisation webinar demonstrates how to utilise rail pressure readings as a quick reference to determine if you are going to carry out further testing of the rail, pump or injectors. The scan tool can assist diagnosing turbo and EGR faults.
“In the Common Diesel Faults webinar, there are several scan tool techniques to support my mechanical diagnosis of a Ford Ranger pump failure and VW suction control valve failure.
“The DPF webinar incudes several uses of the scan tool including a simple reset to remove a common Mitsubishi DPF related issue, without replacing the DPF.”
Diesel Help Australia is offering AAAA members discount coupons to its webinars and also complimentary access to its DPF webinar.

Diesel Help Australia members can view the webinars at