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When it comes to your pride and joy, you need products you can trust – especially if you have a shed full of them.
Rocket Industries says Schumacher Electrical is one of the most trusted brands in the world.
It states that Schumacher Electrical products are designed by car guys, for car guys; saying that is why its products include the little details that make them an automotive market leader.
The Schumacher Electrical range of battery chargers includes the easy-to-use SPI3 and SPI10.
These fully automatic and microprocessor-controlled battery chargers offer patented Speed Charge Technology to ensure the battery is charged as fast and safely as possible – reportedly up to three times faster than traditional chargers.
They have been designed to charge most types of batteries (AGM, Gel, Calcium/Wet, Start and Stop), with the SPI3 also compatible with lithium-ion batteries.
The range features a digital display with scrolling multilingual instructions, insulated clamps and eyelet accessories (except SPI15), a hook attachment and protection bumpers. Reverse polarity protection, thermal runaway protection and automatic shut-off are included as standard.
The SPI will charge batteries with voltage as low as 0.5V, with Rocket Industries stating that in comparison, most chargers from the competition will only charge batteries with voltage as low as 4V.
It says the SPI chargers are energy efficient and meet the highest industry standards; featuring multi-stage charging for added precision and safety.
Further, float-mode monitoring ensures the battery is kept fully charged and ready to use, for extended periods of time.
If you are out in your car, there is nothing more annoying than needing a jump start. Rocket Industries says that with the SL1317 jump starter and portable power source you have the easy answer.
The SL1317 boasts a portable and compact design to fit in your pocket, bag, or glove box; and with a 15,000 mAh capacity is great for jump starting four-, six- and eight-cylinder cars.
It features an LCD Display with On/Off button and a built-in LED Light (three modes). It also has USB 5V, 1A, 2.1A, 2.4A ports and a 12V cigarette port (60W) while being equipped with “ultra-safe” smart cables, providing protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, low voltages, high temperatures and reverse charging.

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