Designed to perfectly accommodate the electrical demands of vehicle diagnosis and maintenance

Schumacher Electric says its Schumacher SPi 25 PRO is the ultimate professional electronic battery charger.
The SPi 25 PRO was designed by Schumacher Electric’s Italian engineers to accommodate all of the latest battery and vehicle maintenance requirements for the European markets, and as such, the company says it is the most advanced battery charger it has ever produced.
The electrical load present in modern vehicles has increased significantly in the last ten years. On board computers are constantly analysing signals from hundreds of sensors and then immediately transmitting commands back to those systems.
All of this activity places a significant load on vehicle batteries. As such, good battery maintenance is more important than ever.
When technicians diagnose and repair the vehicle’s electrical components, like ADAS, they are required to operate all of those systems to evaluate errors and maintenance requirements.
This process can place a significant load on the vehicle’s battery. We believe every workshop should be equipped with a modern, well-designed battery charger with the correct functionality to accommodate the electrical loads seen during vehicle diagnosis and maintenance.
The SPI 25 Pro is a battery charger Schumacher Electric has designed specifically for the application.
It says the Italian input is noticeable in the sharp modern case design. The backlit LCD display clearly shows the charge status and selected settings and the charger is able to be wall mounted via four screw bosses or it can be temporarily mounted by a bracket that can also double as a cable reel.
With the nine-stage charge algorithm, reverse polarity and surge protection, the SPi 25 PRO is a safe, efficient and very reliable workshop battery charger.
With the added benefit of battery chemistry selection (including Lithium), selectable voltage (12v or 24V) and selectable amperage (5, 12.5, 25 amps), Schumacher Electric says this charger is a great choice for any workshop that sees a variety of vehicle and battery types.
It says the charger’s versatility is very evident when you consider the additional features over and above normal charging functions, such as Memory Supply, Power Supply, Showroom Mode, ADAS Supply and Battery Recovery Mode.
Schumacher Electric says it thinks the SPi 25 Pro is the most advanced workshop battery charger available in Australia today.
The SPI 25 Pro is available across Australia via a reseller network.

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