Mann-Filter says the difference is all in the details

On the surface, filters often look very similar. On taking a closer look, however, you can see striking differences in quality.
Mann-Filter says only close scrutiny will reveal more about the design, materials, and features of these quality filters.
When it comes to the Mann-Filter Air Filter, it says the key features to consider are as follows:

Filter medium:
• Application-specific filter medium according to OE requirements.
• Full filtration capacity within the entire maintenance interval plus reserve capacity.
• Consistently high engine performance.
• Top protection for engine, airflow sensor, and other sensitive components.

• Tight-fitting Mann-Filter PUR foam seal
• Perfect fit in the filter housing.
• Sealing contour adapted to the housing.
• Durable in all common temperature ranges.
• Maintains the required elasticity over the entire maintenance interval.

• Optimum pleat geometry and stability even under intense loads.
• Special embossing process of the filter medium.
• High-quality impregnation with high chemical resistance and mechanical stability.
• Provides the best conditions for a properly working airflow sensor.
• Consistently high filtration performance, even under damp and wet conditions.
• Stabilisation

• Protective fleece medium on the air filter (pre-filtration in dusty environments plus water and snow separation).
• Improved protection against vehicle fires thanks to flame-retardant impregnation of the filter. Mann-Filter says the risk of fire after contact if a smoldering cigarette is sucked in is reduced significantly.

Mann-Filter says its air filters reliably protect the engine from wear, thereby preventing unwanted and often expensive repairs. As such, it says they are an investment in long-term customer satisfaction and trust.
With more than 1,670 different types of air filters in original equipment quality, Mann-Filter says it covers nearly 97 percent of the European passenger car and transporter fleets.

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