Ashdown-Ingram says Great Whites provide “unsurpassed output”

Ashdown-Ingram says Great Whites was the first brand in Australia to introduce a full range of high quality LED driving lights, pioneering high performance lights for 4WD enthusiasts and truck owner/drivers.
A-I says that with an unsurpassed output, the Great Whites products quickly became known “as the premier lighting brand around the country.”
LED driving lights are not new – there is a raft of competitors and quality variances. Without progressing into other options in the lighting space such as laser lighting, A-I says the only way to be innovative is to find new ways to project light further down and across the road and states that this is exactly what Great Whites has done with the Attack round driving light range.
Great Whites use fewer LEDs yet project light up to one kilometer ahead, which A-I says is clear evidence of technological and design innovation.
The impressive light output of a Great White driving light is due to the lighting technology in both the LEDs and the iris reflectors. The high powered 10W LEDs are directed down the road by highly engineered reflectors; with the shape, depth and ansgled sides providing the optimum long distance beam.
At the same time, smaller 5W LEDs with a diffused lens direct the light down and to the sides to ensure quality infill directly in front of the vehicle and full illumination of the peripherals and side of the road.

A-I says what this means is, once you turn on a pair of Great Whites Attack round driving lights, you’ll have a thick beam of light focused down the road with a wide spread of light. This spread can reach up to 30 meters either side of your vehicle and up to one kilometer ahead.
A-I says the best part is that because the light is so white and bright, it is like driving in the daylight. This is an important feature in driving lights because anything lower than 6,000 Kelvin has a yellow tone, providing inadequate visibility and has been proven to make you more tired when driving at night. As 6,000 Kelvin is the same brightness as the midday sun, your eyes don’t strain when using these lights.
The backlight is also an innovation, says A-I, which explains that whilst bright, it is not as bright as a DRL which means they can be kept on at all times and don’t require a separate switch to operate. While other brands use rings or markers to differentiate and highlight their brand, it is not as identifiable, nor as reliable. LED rings are often comprised of multiple small LEDs and should one of these LEDs stop working, dark spots start to appear on the edge of the light. As more fail, the many black spots are said to make the light appear cheap and low quality.
Since launching the new ‘fewer LED’ design, A-I says some competitors have already started to follow suit in order to capitalise on the different look, though A-I states few have been able to achieve the light projection presented by Great Whites.
A-I says fewer LEDs means a less cluttered look for the lights, providing a big point of difference when parked next to another vehicle; and states Great Whites have remained true to their brand promise of high quality, high performance driving lights while being successful in producing an affordable premium driving light for 4WD enthusiasts.

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