Milwaukee says it is leading the world in Cordless Power Tool innovation and in 2021 it has its sights firmly locked on growing its penetration in the Automotive Industry. Supported by an aggressive product launch schedule, there is little doubt visitors will start ‘seeing red’ more often when visiting their local automotive workshop

Milwaukee Tool has a rich history in the automotive industry, providing trade solutions for transportation professionals for over 96 years.
“Our mission is, and always has been, to improve the lives of our users,” Milwaukee Tool National Business Manager – Brand, Tom Mathiesen, said.
“Our team is committed to working beside independent automotive workshops to learn about your biggest challenges and engineer products to help you overcome them.”
Milwaukee’s long and successful history can be traced back as far as another icon of automotive innovation, the Model T Ford.
“As the end of the First World War drew near, Model T car magnate Henry Ford approached a young manufacturer named A.H. Petersen with a challenge,” Tom explained. “Ford challenged Petersen to produce a smaller, lighter, portable 1⁄4” capacity power drill.”
A.H. Petersen, who had already been producing tools and dies for the Ford Motor Company for several years, seized the opportunity to provide Ford with the tool he needed to streamline the Model T production.
“Previous models of two-handed drills were heavy and cumbersome,” Tom described. “Only a few of the strongest mechanics could use them productively, but when Petersen presented Ford with his solution, The Hole-Shooter, it changed the course of automotive history.”
Weighing in at only five-pounds and powered with a series type Westinghouse motor, the Hole-Shooter was the industry’s first, lightweight, one-handed drill.
“When a disastrous fire hit Petersen’s facility, his colleague A.F. Siebert bought the business intending to develop the Hole-Shooter under his newly formed enterprise, the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation,” Tom said.
“From that moment, the industry was propelled through countless revolutions and industrial triumphs. Today, that trajectory has not stopped. And neither have we.”
Henry Ford’s initial request shaped not only the history of Milwaukee Tool, but also shifted the entire automotive landscape.
“The world around us may have changed, but our commitment to the automotive industry hasn’t,” said Tom.
“Milwaukee Tool is as dedicated now to overcoming your challenges as we were over 96 years ago.”

Whether it is cordless impact wrenches or under hood lighting, Milwaukee Tool explains it has developed the power tools, hand tools, and accessories that help every workshop be safe and efficient and is dedicated to providing trade solutions for professional users.
“Our ‘Nothing but Heavy Duty’ tools are made to withstand the harshest, most demanding challenges in modern transportation,” said Tom.
“We make it our business to get on-site with you to learn first-hand where our products are most needed, and how we can make them even better.”
Working closely with the Australian and New Zealand transportation industries, the Milwaukee Job Site Solutions (JSS) team helps the business stay one step ahead of the ever-changing automotive sector demands. Tom explains this connection means that all Milwaukee solutions are efficient, more productive, safer to use, and, most importantly, geared for professionals.
“Our Job Site Solutions team consists of experienced, trade specialised experts, with knowledge across all modes of transport,” said Tom.
“They’ll bring the best advice and the best range of transportation-focused power tools, hand tools, and accessories to your workshop.
“From repairs and maintenance to bodywork and detailing, our site specialists ensure that the tools you have on hand, your ways of working, and your workshop’s safety and efficiency are maximised.”
Rob Herrod, the man behind the legendary Herrod Performance, has witnessed countless advancements in the automotive industry. He has also seen the evolution of automotive tools and is a staunch supporter of the Milwaukee brand.
“I started my career in 1975 as a mechanic when I was just 15 years old,” Rob said. “The only thing, other than hand tools we had back in those days, was an air gun.”
But that all changed when his first gamechanger in his father’s workshop was the purchase of an electric gun for removing wheel nuts. But that came with its own set of challenges – namely, hoses and cords.
“It was a nuisance. The cord would break. The cord would twist. And it would always break down and play up,” Rob described.

M12 FUEL Ratchets

The move to a cordless workshop has been a blessing for Herrod, who says that cordless tools have, without a doubt, revolutionised the automotive industry.
“I have had other cordless tools in the past. And I was not particularly happy with their performance,” Rob said.
“They were always breaking down or something, but when we switched to Milwaukee cordless products, we noticed a significant improvement in efficiencies.”
During the past three to four years, Herrod has trusted the Milwaukee range to support his workshop’s most significant projects. Over that time, Herrod estimates that they have built, in-house, around 300 supercharged Mustangs, including the Scott McLaughlin Limited Edition Mustang, the Dick Johnson Limited Edition Mustang, and the special edition Ford Mustang R-SPEC.
When building the R-SPEC, Herrod and his team heavily used Milwaukee routers, cordless ratchets, and cordless wrenches. These tools were used along a Ford production line, which to Herrod, demonstrated the quality of these products.
“We’ve probably reduced, maybe, an hour of build on each car by using Milwaukee cordless tools,” Rob explained.
“When you think about it, that’s a massive win, so over the past four or so years, we’ve saved about 300 man hours.”
When it comes to innovation in the cordless power tool industry, especially on a scale like Herrod, managing tools and equipment is critical, and that’s where Milwaukee’s ‘One-Key’ system is said to be breaking new ground.
“One-Key is the first digital platform for managing tools and equipment,” Tom explained.
“By integrating industry-leading smart-tool technology with a custom-built, cloud-based platform One-Key provides a new level of control and access for users, that is revolutionising the way work gets done.”
One-Key allows workshop owners to access information about their Milwaukee Tools inventory from anywhere, in the workshop, in the office, or on-the-go from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The inventory dashboard helps you draw quick insights. Smart filters display essential information and a stream of recent transfers across your jobs, bringing you up to speed whenever you launch the app.
“With One-Key, you can increase accountability across jobs by seeing if an item is available and where it’s assigned,” Tom explained.

15 pc. Ratcheting Combination Wrench Sets

“Workshop owners can build a digital breadcrumb trail with an accessible history of when, where, and who is using their tools. Then harness this information to make better judgments about their continued use, or retrace the steps to find missing items.”
In addition, Milwaukee’s One-Key system simplifies tool maintenance by providing the option to set service reminders on tools and equipment.
Milwaukee’s team has already hinted that they will be launching a massive number of automotive industry-specific tools in 2021. To keep independent automotive workshop owners up-to-date with its latest innovations, Milwaukee has recently published ‘Torque,’ its very own automotive magazine.
“We’re extremely excited about the launch of our new automotive magazine, Torque,” Tom mentioned.
The first issue of Torque is already out, and it is chock full of interesting articles and new product releases, and the team at Milwaukee will release a further three editions this year.
“We’ve created Torque to encourage and inspire transportation professionals to think big and build bigger,” Tom explained.
“Torque is to is a space to share our stories and yours, through trade features, professional spotlights, upcoming industry events, and a curated selection of Milwaukee solutions.”
Of course, Milwaukee and the AAAA have always enjoyed a close working relationship.
“The AAAA delivers so much value to their members,” said Tom. “They support our interests, help us identify emerging trends in the automotive aftermarket.
“In addition, we have been lucky enough to work with them on the to fit out the Auto Innovation Centre; an amazing resource that is sure to deliver exceptional outcomes for members.”

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