RIDOF Hygienic Waterless Hand and Surface Wipes

Burg Design says RIDOF Hygienic Waterless Hand and Surface Wipes are considered by numerous industries around the world to be the safest and most effective wipes available.
RIDOF Wipes are manufactured from natural ingredients and unlike many others reportedly do not contain any of the harmful petrochemicals that can far too often cause split skin, rashes and serious skin conditions. In fact, Burg Design says many regular RIDOF users have reported a dramatic improvement in the condition of their hands.
RIDOF Wipes were originally developed for convenient hand cleaning in mobile mechanical servicing businesses. Burg Design says they have quickly become an essential must have item for just about every type of mobile service operator, workshop and major industries simply because “they perform beyond expectations by easily removing all types of grease, silicones, graphite, ink and lots more as well as being very convenient and cost effective.”
Since entering into the world of COVID-19 car dealers and car service outlets are now having to preclean various contact surfaces on motor vehicles before work can proceed.
Burg Design says RIDOF wipes have quickly become the first choice of many car dealers and service outlets, as they do not cause any damage to a vehicle’s sensitive surfaces such as leather, vinyl and plastic.
It states that many of the alcohol cleaning sprays and wipes available feature a very high content of isopropyl alcohol which is known to have a bleaching effect on leather, plastic and vinyl however RIDOF wipes do not contain this high content of isopropyl alcohol.
The wipes come in a range of sizes to suit most businesses.

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