SGF designs and manufactures power transmission products such as flexible couplings for automotive companies around the globe

SGF says its Flexible Drive Couplings continue to be fitted as Original Equipment to many vehicles in Europe, North America and Asia while companies such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW and Hyundai specify SGF couplings as original equipment.
SGF states its expertise in torque transmission and vibration dampening are also widely used in many other sectors including Industrial, Mining, Marine, Power Generation and Rail industries.
SGF (short for Suddeutsche Gelenksheibenfabrik Gmbh & Co, KG) is a German company that is headquartered in Bavaria and has several manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia. With approximately 600 employees, the company is represented globally through regional sales and distribution operations in strategic worldwide locations.
A flexible coupling, sometimes referred to as flex disc or Giubo, is used to transmit rotational torque whilst cancelling or reducing NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). It must take up any movement by compensating for axial, radial and angular misalignment in the drivetrain. In a car, flexible coupling(s) are typically located between the transmission and driveshaft and between the driveshaft and the differential, other locations can include the transfer case in 4WD applications.
A good flex coupling must not only be engineered to effectively handle the nominal (operating) and maximum possible torque of the powertrain but must have the required dampening characteristics to cancel and neutralise the range of low and high frequency vibrations generated through the powertrain, hence reducing or eliminating NVH in the vehicle.
Finally, given that a vehicle driveshaft and its components rotate at 2000-5000 or higher RPM, the flex coupling must be engineered to handle all these combined application conditions.
SGF explains it is the original supplier of Flexible Couplings to leading car companies around the globe. In most cases, it says, if you are replacing an OE Flex Coupling chances are that it is an SGF original that has been specifically engineered and tuned for that vehicle.
SGF says its product advantage and competency is based on its trademark Tenpu fibre technology: a combination of unique cord inlays and rubber material that operate in tension load. Unlike SGF imitations and other common couplings, the SGF tension load principle ensures that the special cord inlays transmit most of the load providing a better tolerance to shock loads with a higher power density ratio resulting in the ability to transmit higher torques within a smaller structure.
SGF Couplings are tuned to absorb the disturbing harmonic signature generated by each vehicle’s engine and drivetrain configuration. Radial stiffness and other critical characteristics required for optimal performance are precisely engineered to eliminate or reduce these disturbing harmonic frequencies.
SGF warns you should never use unspecified couplings just because its dimensions are similar as you will potentially damage other components, cause increased NVH and risk injury to the vehicle’s occupants.
Original SGF Flex Couplings are available from all good distributors.

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