Australian car dealers now have the opportunity to take advantage of the Sharebox concept

The Norwegian tech-company Sharebox has made its successful self-service technology available for the Australian market.
Sharebox explains that it develops, sells, and operates advanced dealer-focused solutions worldwide thus automating manual operations and transforming them into a self-serve experience. Sharebox hardware consists of both secure outdoor systems and moveable indoor terminals that automate service check-in and check-out, thus contributing towards increased revenue.
With an office now open in Perth, Sharebox customers can utilise self-serve check-ins and checks-outs with a digital customer journey for car maintenance and services. 
“We are looking forward to gaining traction in the market and talking about how to go digital. Our proven self-service platform makes it easy to offer customers a 24-hour availability service through the use of digital solutions for both delivery and pick up of the vehicle,” Sharebox Country Manager for Australia, Dan Jørgensen, said. 
“Digitisation of interfaces and channels will lead to new revenue opportunities for those aftermarket players that move faster than their peers. The technology trends are already shaking up the new-car market. It is only a matter of time before disruption is seen in the aftermarket.
“Our goal is to provide the best possible brand and customer experience – including for workshop visits. For us at Sharebox it´s invaluable to have five years of experience from the Nordic countries when we launch here.”  
Audi and Volkswagen dealers in Norway have used the service for several years and the Norwegian importer has signed a long-term agreement to roll-out Shareboxes on all of their Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Cupra dealerships.

Dan Jørgensen, Sharebox Country Manager for Australia

“Sharebox has now become a fully-fledged solution that helps us with the key drop-off and pick-up 24/7, including payment solutions. It helps us so well that we foresee an extension with one cabinet per brand and at each main entrance for an even better customer experience,” said Kjetil Barli, the Service Marketing Manager for Audi and Volkswagen, Norway. 
The network of Toyota dealers in Norway have also chosen Sharebox as their preferred solution.
“We are very pleased with Sharebox and their solutions. For us, Sharebox has contributed to us digitising the customer journey for our workshop customers,” Kent Jenssen, the Digital Business Developer for Toyota Dealer Network, Norway, said.
“The customer can deliver, pay and pick up the car around the clock. Flexible payment solutions also contribute to increased customer satisfaction, then the customer can choose to pay in the way that suits them best.
“Having notifications sent to the customer advisors when the car has been delivered by the customer has worked seamlessly.
“Our customer advisors pick up all keys in the morning and have a full overview of which customers have delivered a key in the locker. We are now working with full integration of our customer DMS systems and are now also planning indoor check-in terminals to be able to offer an even better and more flexible solution for both our customers and our employees.
“This will also help take some of the pressure off in the mornings and afternoons. We have achieved our goal of making it easy for the customer, and the customer does everything via their mobile phone.”

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