The lubricants supplier is one of the most recognised and trusted brands in the world

2020 saw Kline Group once more crown Shell as the Number One Global Lubricants Supplier for the 14th consecutive year.
In 2021, Shell is celebrating 120 years in Australia. Since 1901, Shell says it has been there supporting Australian industry to move goods and people around this big country.
From operating Australia’s first oil refinery, which was central to meeting Australia’s growing fuel needs, to fuelling the first QANTAS commercial flight in the 1920s and playing a foundation role in building some of Australia’s largest and most innovative natural resource developments, Shell says that as the energy needs of Australia have changed, it has changed also.
A lot has changed since 1901. Australia became a nation, flying was still a dream, the truck had only just been invented, and horses were how goods were moved.
But one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s Shell’s reputation for high quality products, it says.

In Australia, Shell says its logo has been widely recognised as the mark of high-quality lubricant and fuel products for over 120 years. 
Shell says that significant investment in research and development has led to technologically advanced products that are reliable in even the toughest Australian conditions. 
And as Australia has grown, it says it has been there every step of the way, supplying high quality fuels and lubricants products to transport goods and people around the country, safely and reliably.
From kerosene and motor spirit, to today’s high-quality diesel, petrol and motor oil and moving forward to a decarbonised future with low and zero emission energy and fluids for new propulsion systems, Shell says quality will always be at the heart of its offer to valued customers.
Whether you drive a truck, a train, a bus, or rely on your car to transport your family, Shell says it looks forward to powering progress with you into Australia’s future.

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