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For 36 years, Karmot says it has been at the forefront of the Hydraulic Workshop Equipment industry, offering leading insight into the products most essential to running a successful, efficient and safe workshop.
It says this dedication to the industry over the last three and a half decades has meant the Karmot brand has become synonymous with the highest quality of products.
Amongst the range is the SPBT4000 Sherpa six plate brake and suspension test lane.
Key features of this test lane include:
• Measures four-wheel braking forces left and right as well as front to back realistically as on the road.
• Slip plate test allows a fast check of toe in and toe out.
• Weight cells show total weight with four-wheel distribution.
• Shock absorber test evaluates shock absorber condition.
• Provides a full test report including, a picture of the vehicle for test authentication.
• Pedal force reader is supplied for NSW registration purposes.
• Low profile.
• Low running costs.
• European NMI Standards approved.
• Made in Germany.

Karmot is currently looking for a major distributing partner for the Sherpa plate brake and suspension tester.
Karmot says working closely with the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, Australian Standards and now the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator allows it to keep its finger on the pulse of the industry, and enact improvements for all of the users of the equipment available for sale.
The company is headed by David Hutchins, a founding member of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, who brings to the industry a wealth of knowledge and guidance from his 50 plus years of experience.
David’s dedication has taken him across the globe to choose the right products to offer the Australian market, ensuring that each and every single product is tested and meets stringent and exacting Standards and quality.
Amongst Karmot’s offering are the Liftech, Ritch, Masada, Autopstenhoj and Sherpa brands.

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