Lightforce has launched its new HTX2 driving lights

High quality aftermarket driving lights are essential to safely explore Australia off-road and to travel our long and winding roads.
The team at Lightforce says it is committed to developing and manufacturing the world’s best driving light right here in Australia.
Its evolved hybrid driving light, the HTX2, is said to bring a new meaning to the term, high performance.
Lightforce says the unique combination of a powerful, long-distance HID and the equivalent of a 20-inch LED lightbar in one unit provides unparalleled power and light spread, and states “it’s two driving lights in one.”

New and improved design
Lightforce’s engineers, designers, product evaluators and quality assurance professionals have reportedly made dozens of enhancements to the DNA of its original HTX to enhance its famous hybrid driving lights in almost every way.
Lightforce says that as a result, they are now more rugged and reliable than ever, giving you control on and off the road.
Thanks to a new one-piece aluminium housing, Lightforce explains that HTX2 is fully sealed and is not just dustproof and ‘water resistant,’ but fully waterproof up to depths of one metre.
With full IP68 and IP69K certification, HTX2 has been tested over 110,000 hours against dust, temperature, and water.
Lightforce says it has also dramatically improved its hybrid driving light’s efficiency and reduced its power draw; stating that HTX2’s energy-saving HID bulb, advanced heatsink and domeless LEDs mean superior thermal capacity and management.

Ready for high performance
Weighing in at only 2.3 kg, Lightforce says HTX2 packs a lot into a featherweight package. It says its slimmer profile is easier to mount in small spaces and less likely to interfere with crash avoidance systems. It is also said to be simple to install and you can fully secure HTX2 with a nyloc nut and bolt to most bullbars.
Both the HID and LEDs on HTX2 are calibrated for neutral white 5,000K colour temperature and a colour rendering index of 70 for maximum clarity.
The Lightforce team say that its focus is on producing driving lights that reduce glare and allow you to better distinguish different objects ahead – with less eye fatigue and strain.
Lightforce has also made HTX2 compatible with more accessories, including its modular filter system and using a spot or combo filter, you can change the light pattern to suit your environment.

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