In this article, McLeod Racing – whose products are available from Rocket Industries – takes a look at this question

McLeod Racing explains that twin disc clutches dissipate heat better, which is important for a car that sees a lot of track time.
On a street cruiser, your clutch shouldn’t be getting as hot as on a race car, so it says the single disc clutches, like the Street Pro or the Super Street Pro clutches, will work just fine for your 300-500 horsepower street machine.
It explains a twin disc clutch can work, but you’re probably spending more money than you need to, and you never really get to take full advantage of the performance aspect of a twin disc clutch. The twin disc clutch is designed for higher horsepower applications, and for performance.
Likewise, an aluminium flywheel is much lighter than a steel flywheel, and having that lightweight flywheel can help you make horsepower quicker in a racing environment.
“There is no stored energy with an aluminium flywheel, so stoplight to stoplight can be a problem. You have to get the revs up before you release the clutch, or you’re likely to stall the engine.” McLeod Racing Technical Sales Manager, Billy Mieczkowski, said.
“A steel flywheel is going to have better inertia, which makes it much easier on you and your clutch for regular street driving. Steel has a lot of mass and that makes it easier to engage the clutch.
“An aluminium flywheel provides less driveability for a street car, and should only be used for performance applications.”

A steel flywheel is still fine for a weekend warrior, or occasional autocrosser; but if you’re driving the car primarily on the street, Billy recommends the steel flywheel.
For cars with upwards of 500+ horsepower, like the Demon, a twin disc clutch would be a better consideration. Not just for that additional friction material, but because it will give you more clamping force with similar pedal effort, and it also helps to dissipate the heat quicker in a racing environment – especially since the engine is typically revving much higher when the clutch is functioning.
When you’re pushing down on the clutch pedal, and you have several hundred horsepower waiting for you to release that clutch, a twin disc clutch can mean a few tenths of a second. But for getting from one stop light to another, McLeod Racing would rather help you get a clutch better suited for your application. There’s nothing wrong with going big, but going smart is always the hands-down winner, it says.
McLeod Racing products are available from Rocket Industries.

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