SmartBar says the new releases highlight the latest in safety design and technology

SmartBar Australia – a leader in pedestrian-friendly vehicle frontal protection systems (VFPS) – says it has created its most technologically advanced designs yet.
The company has recently released two new bars for Toyota Prado and Hilux. The Toyota Prado 150 SmartBar is made for models from October 2017 onwards while the Toyota Hilux StealthBar is made for models 2015+.
SmartBar Australia says the new releases highlight the latest in safety design and technology, proving its ability to continually progress in the 4×4 aftermarket vehicle accessory category.
Business is reportedly booming for the South-Australian based company with SmartBar Australia stating the demand for its SmartBars is surpassing all expectations and showing no signs of slowing down. Continuous light-commercial vehicle sales, particularly in government, mining and emergency service sectors has seen the business grow rapidly in the past few years.
Those behind the SmartBar say its success is due to multiple factors including its construction from an advanced polymer material which allows it to absorb an impact by temporarily deforming and then return to its original shape.
The light weight properties of the polymer and the hollow construction (consequent to the rotational moulding manufacturing process) minimises the weight added to the vehicle when fitted. This mitigates the effect the VFPS has on Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), which in turn has long term positive effects on fuel consumption, along with reduced wear and tear on tyres and suspension components. These features not only benefit the customer’s pocket, but the environment too, says SmartBar Australia.
The SmartBar’s tested and proven safety rating has made the StealthBar the first VFPS that complies with the European Regulation for Pedestrian Safety.

Toyota Prado 150 SmartBar – designed by Mark Reina
Mark Reina has been an Industrial Designer with SmartBar Australia since September 2017. He says he was drawn to SmartBar as he is a “keen 4wder and outdoors kind of guy. I was looking to work on products that interested me on a cultural level while developing new skills.”
Mark is responsible for the design, development and testing of new and existing products.
“I was given the choice to design the Toyota Prado bar from scratch and so I started off by exploring some new concept ideas through illustrated drawings. I worked with the SmartBar design team to review all my concepts and ultimately refine the strongest one,” Mark said.
“Once the look of the concept was resolved, I moved to creating a complete 3D digital modelling of the Smartbar. Creating the 3D digital model of the bar is an important stage in the design process. it makes it possible for us to do things such as check whether it fits to the vehicle, run strength tests and to ultimately manufacture the bar.
“I started off with some pretty unique concepts for the Toyota Prado, but I think we’ve come up with a great looking Smartbar that really complements the vehicle while maintaining the design language or DNA of previous Smartbars.
“I believe the new Toyota Prado bar has nice strong details, building on the design DNA from some of my favourite SmartBars such as the Hilux and 200 Series Landcruiser.
“Another great feature is that it will fit a huge range of aftermarket accessories. There’s plenty of space to fit big winches like the Warn Xeon, and to mount big spotties like the ARB AR32 Intensity. Our new bars also feature a five-function insert light and a removable high lift jack point.
“It’s been really fulfilling to develop the design from a hand drawn idea all the way through to seeing the completed bar sitting on the Toyota Prado. I own an older Toyota Prado so I have a particular interest in these vehicles, it’s been great to have the opportunity to dress it up with my own creation.”

Toyota Prado 150 Smartbar Specs:
• Application: Toyota Prado models from October 2017 onwards – GX, GXL, VX, Kakadu
• Models Fitting: Minimum Four Hours (Non-Winch)/Minimum Five Hours (Winch)
• Fitted Weight: 37kg for Non-Winch/44kg for Winch
• Air Bag Compatible
• Meets full Australian Standard AS 4876.1-2002. Including 3.2 Road User Protection

Toyota Hilux StealthBar – designed by James Morton
James Morton has been an industrial designer with SmartBar Australia since March 2017. He says he was attracted to SmartBar by a desire to work within the automotive design field.
He is responsible for new product design and development as well as existing product updating. “I have a passion for working on cars which SmartBar allows me the ability to do. It was appealing to have the chance to expand my design experience and learn from a strong design team,” James said.
“There is an existing process to follow for the design of a new SmartBar, within that process you are given the ability to express your design while following certain family design characteristics. There is a lot of support from the design team to mould the design into a coherent and aesthetic addition to the SmartBar family.
“The advantage of this Toyota Hilux StealthBar is the ability to sell to Europe, due to the bar being a bumper replacement with no top hoops. The new winch frame design now incorporates a removable high lift jack point, this gives the user the ability to use a high lift jack on both the right-hand and left-hand side of the vehicle
“The ability to design the bar from concept to final part, this allowed me to experience all facets of the design process with strong support from the design team.”

Toyota Hilux StealthBar Specs:
• Application: Toyota HiLux 2015+ Models
• Models Fitting: Minimum Three Hours (Non-Winch)/Minimum Four Hours (Winch)
• Fitted Weight: 28kg for Non-Winch/36kg for Winch
• Air Bag Compatible
• Meets full Australian Standard AS 4876.1-2002. Including 3.2 Road User Protection

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