A new generation of Corghi wheel aligners are being introduced to the market

Corghi has recently announced the launch of the Exact 7 Smart, eight-sensor wheel aligner.
The Exact 7 Smart is amongst the first of the new generation of wheel aligners in the Corghi range compatible with its ProADAS Start driver assistance calibration system.
“We’ve broken the mould with this one, and we’re confident that the compact configuration will set a new benchmark for wheel aligner design, industry-wide,” Corghi Australia General Manager, Andrew Cornwell, said.
Unlike conventional wheel aligners, Corghi’s Exact 7 Smart docking station can be either floor-mounting or wall-mounted to save precious space.
Standard equipment includes four wireless sensor heads with batteries, a charging system on the docking station, the radio module for the central unit, alignment software, steering clamp and a pedal depressor.
“As more and more manufacturers recommend calibrating a vehicle’s ADAS systems after the competition of a wheel alignment, we knew that it would be critical to ensure that the Exact 7 Smart aligner integrated seamlessly with our ProADAS START driver assistance calibration system,” Andrew said.
ProADAS is a universal modular system developed for the verification and calibration of driver assistance systems or front sensors, the verification of the alignment status and the complete wheel alignment service on multi-brand cars and commercial vehicles.
The system allows the calibration of front sensors, including the Camera, Radar and Lidar.
Corghi’s new ProADAS Start includes a patented software system that controls positioning in real-time. It can also be upgraded to ProADAS RS configuration to include Toe Control and Wheel Aligner Service.
In addition to its ability to integrate seamlessly with Corghi’s ProADAS Start calibration system, the Exact 7 Smart wheel aligner also features a sensor head with two high-resolution cameras as well as an electronic inclinometer and level.
Those tyre technicians who have previously used Corghi wheel aligners will be happy to discover that Corghi’s popular Exact Plus wheel alignment software forms the basis of the Exact 7 Smart user interface.

For more information, visit, call the team on 1800 CORGHI (267444) or visit Corghi’s new facility at Unit 5/8 Cooper Street, Smithfield NSW 2164.