In this article, Opus IVS details its support of a customer with a BMW with an inoperable climate control system

Image one: Wiring damage

Opus IVS says its IVS 360 system offers an invaluable diagnostic support resource which has been uniquely designed to empower technicians to repair vehicles with confidence.
Thanks to its dedicated OEM-Trained Master Technicians, the Opus IVS team says it is able to provide brand-specific diagnostic support to technicians and workshop owners all over the world.
Opus IVS’ experts remotely access in real-time directly to vehicle communication systems to diagnose, program and calibrate vehicles.
It says this eliminates uncertainty, giving workshops the confidence to get the most complex vehicles back on the road safely and fast.
Opus IVS also states its IVS 360 team is positioned to provide more than just technical support to mechanics for how to use their own diagnostic tools, but also provides crucial live step-by-step guidance for actually fixing vehicle faults.
Opus IVS says its customers can quickly and easily request support from the IVS 360 team directly from their DrivePro device.
Following is an example a customer support request and guidance provided from the IVS 360 team in regards to a climate control system that was stuck on hot.
Make: BMW 1 Series and 3 Series
Model series affected: F30, F21, F32, F31, F20, F34, F23, F22, F33, F36
Symptoms: The primary symptom was noted as climate control being stuck on hot.

Image two: Dash panel removed

Other symptoms of this issue could include:

  1. Blower motor operation erratic or no operation of the blower;
  2. Erratic heater control panel operation;
  3. No directional control when using the air conditioning system;
  4. Blower fan runs on after the ignition is switched off; and
  5. Various LIN bus faults stored.

Possible Causes: Damage to the LIN-Bus wiring

Repair Steps:

  1. Diagnose vehicle with Opus IVS device, read out fault memory.
  2. Remove the dash panel.
  3. The main area of concern is the support bracket of the dash panel – inspect the wiring in this area before replacing any components. Image two shows photos of common problem areas.
  4. Once the damaged area has been located and repaired, it is important to re-route the wiring harness to prevent any further damage.

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Opus IVS hosts webinars

In October Opus IVS hosted special tech sessions for AAAA members
Opus IVS recently hosted three days of special tech sessions exclusively for AAAA members.
On Monday October 26, Wednesday October 28 and Friday October 30, the Opus IVS team presented to webinar attendees on the topic of Electronic Logbook Operation for Jaguar Land Rovers (session one), Volkswagen and Audi (session two), and BMW and Mini vehicles (session three).
Each webinar explained the process required to log electronic service history through the respective manufacturer’s dealer portal while also covering how to reset the service light or update the service history in the car.

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