For Energizer Automotive resellers

Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB) has launched a partner program for Energizer Automotive resellers to help promote, grow, and generate awareness of their business or workshop.
Fresh off the back of the Energizer Automotive launch in Australia, SPB has created this partner program using its 25-plus years of industry knowledge in the automotive battery market.
Designed to be highly dynamic and flexible, SPB says the partner program will be an incredibly useful resource for resellers to promote their business, locally and nationally.
It includes Energizer branded merchandise, signage, local area marketing support, fitment guides, exclusive events, and more.
Tailored to each reseller’s business, SPB says it is perfect for any small or large business and can cater to those based in regional or metro areas.
SPB explains that it has taken the time to understand the uniqueness of every business and market they operate in and that an individual approach is required for each reseller to get the most out of the partner program.
Resellers in the partner program also have the benefit of being associated with a globally recognised brand, a brand that their customers will instantly trust and will have them returning time and time again, says SPB.
SPB states that “only Energizer provides quality battery products that consumers have come to know and rely on daily. And now that the Energizer brand has turned its focus to the automotive industry in Australia, Australian businesses and customers can get the same level of quality and comfort whether they need a Calcium/Calcium, EFB, or AGM battery for their car, boat, or truck.”
SPB – the backer of the program – is the national distributor for Energizer Automotive batteries in Australia. Its history dates back over 25 years in the automotive battery market, and it says it only sources products from suppliers that have achieved ISO 9001 in quality management.
Although its foundation is in automotive batteries, SPB says it now leads the pack in other areas of batteries and battery-related products, including lithium, EV and solar for applications in recreation, commercial, industrial, and renewable industries.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an Energizer Automotive reseller or discover some of the other products SPB offers, please get in touch with the team at SPB on 1300 001 772 or sales@spb.net.au

For more information, visit www.spb.net.au