From Gulf Western Oil

Gulf Western Oil says it has been supplying the 4WD and Towing industry for over 30 years.
During this time, Gulf Western reports it has seen some major advancements within engine designs and has continued to work on its range of products specifically tailored to this market to ensure it is up to date with the technology and formulations required.  
Gulf Western’s well-known Top Dog range has been protecting engines and 4WD enthusiasts over the past decade.
This product range has been specifically designed to handle the stress and heat within your engine. 
Gulf Western says this protection comes from the robust additive pack and advanced base oil technology which allows your engine to disperse heat quicker and eliminate hot spots within your motor. 
Another Gulf Western product created specifically for 4WD enthusiast in mind is its Euro Energy 5W-30 product.
It says this fast-flowing engine oil will protect your engine from excessive heat expelled from the engine.
It states that although this viscosity seems foreign to the 4WD market, it has been proven to offer far better protection to these new vehicles seen in the Australian market.
Gulf Western’s national distributors and retail partners are supported by five company owned and strategically located warehouses and a distributor network allowing for reliable and timely supply throughout Australia.  
For more than three decades, Gulf Western Oil says it has proven to be a reliable supplier of high quality, Australian made and Internationally approved lubricants to the industry to both the Australian market and to more than 20 countries around the world.
For many years, Gulf Western has supplied product into New Zealand, China, Vietnam, New Guinea, India and throughout Asia Pacific.
During 2020, Gulf Western opened a distribution hub in Asia allowing for further expansion into new locations to grow its distributor footprint into new markets within the Philippines, Myanmar, Korea and Russia. 

For more information, please visit www.gulfwestern.com.au