RP Motorsport Developments offers a range of services

RP Motorsport Developments specialises in suspension design and data analysis for driver and vehicle performance as well as supplying and servicing major brands of shock absorbers to the motorsport industry.
The company can also assist with race car preparation, suspension setup and race car engineering, including trackside assistance.
Its customer base varies from club racers to major Supercar teams and car manufacturers who have entered events such as Targa Tasmania. Although a specialist in road racing categories, via its Racing Shocks Australia department, it has recently become involved in drag racing and is also seeking new opportunities in speedway racing.
The company can also supply CAD manufacturing assistance of components. A common area it receives work is in the re-production or new manufacture of parts that are no longer available, suited to vehicles such as ex-Supercars and prototype sports cars.
RP Motorsport Developments can measure anti-roll bar rates fitted to the car or they can be mounted on an ex-V8 Supercar fabrication jig that was once used to manufacture Larry Perkins race car shells. It currently has a 1928 Dodge rail fitted to it that needs to be straightened as part of a restoration project.

The company’s recent history includes having supported 23 Red Racing in its debut year as race engineer in Supercars, assisting Matt Stone Racing win the Super3 Kumho Cup title in 2019, assisting Steve Tamasi to claim the National Sports Sedan Championship in 2018 and many other class wins and podium results with other competitors.
The company’s ultimate goal would be to build a race car of its own design suited to the Sports Sedan category or World Time Attack events and to showcase its engineering expertise.
While its major income is in the servicing of clientele, its website has recently added an on-line store enabling the purchase of various products it has become a dealer for including Griplockties and Nulon Race Oil Products. All products are used on its customer vehicles.
The diversity of work the company has been involved in reportedly allows it to work alongside other members of the automotive industry who are involved in motorsport who may require assistance or lack the knowledge to move forward quickly but also effectively to minimise costs.

For more information, visit www.rpmotorsportdevelopments.com.au or www.racingshocksaustralia.com.au