This Finger Plate Wheel Balancing Mounting Solution is available from Repco

Repco says it is important to note that “70 percent of wheel balancing accuracy depends on the clamping tools.”
It says that without the correct clamping tools, large remount errors are almost a certainty.
Remount errors occur when a wheel is balanced to 0-0, removed from the balancing machine, remounted, and balanced again.
If the balancer at this point shows a new unbalance, meaning it’s asking for more wheel weights to be added, Repco says the problem is either a worn or incorrect choice of clamping tool.
Repco says it is an industry accepted fact that at least 70 percent of wheel balancing accuracy depends on the clamping tools rather than the wheel balancer itself.
It says to achieve optimum balancing results and a smooth riding vehicle, it is necessary to centre and torque the wheel onto the balancing machine in the same manner the wheel is mounted onto the vehicle.
Repco says that when using the SpeedPlate EBA Pro you need just to rotate one gear, and the other gears will follow along, stating it is fast, easy, and comfortable.
Locking the chosen bolt pattern (PCD) in place is fully automatic through an innovative wave spring design; while wheel balancing accuracy is optimised through the use of interchangeable Torque Tips, which mirror the shape of lug nuts and therefore fit steel and alloy wheels correctly. Only the Torque Tips touch the wheel during the balancing process.
Repco explains that the SpeedPlate EBA Pro is made in the USA to provide the best possible balancing accuracy, fantastic speed of operation, incredible durability, and all without the need for maintenance.

For more information, visit www.repco.com.au