Extract your ride’s maximum potential

With a long history of expertise in fixing, modifying and designing its own automotive aftermarket products, Pedders believes it knows a thing or two about suspension options for sports performance vehicles under the SportsRyder brand.  
With the driving enthusiast in mind, Pedders says SportsRyder suspension has been precision engineered to realise the maximum potential from a vehicle’s chassis.
Directly aimed at fulfilling the needs of car owners who wish to extract the most of their vehicle dynamics, Pedders’ SportsRyder products sharpen a vehicle’s handling characteristics with the result equating to improved road handling, ride quality and traction; without headaches and without compromises in ride quality.
With a comprehensive range of SportsRyder Coil Springs, Shock Absorbers as well as Adjustable Coil Overs suspension bushes, sway bars, and strut mounts, Pedders says it aims to help the enthusiast turn street cars into usable track day weapons.

The Pedders SportsRyder range consists of:
• Shock Absorbers
• Coil Springs
• Adjustable Coilovers (Pedders eXtreme XA and Supercar range)
• Slotted Brake Rotors
• Kevlar Ceramic Brake Pads
• Rubber Bushes
• Urethane Bushes
• Sway Bars (adjustable and non-adjustable)
• Sway Bar Links and Strut Mounts
• High Horse Power CV Drive Shafts
• Wheel Alignment Products
• Performance four Wheel Alignment
• Plus a host of additional ancillary products and services.

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