Carbon Offroad has secured the exclusive Australian distribution rights for SR Portables’ Lithium Solar Generators

Carbon Offroad says it prides itself on alignment with quality, robust, good value for money products that generate real tangible outcomes and benefits for its clients.
SR Portables is the most recent brand to engage with Carbon Offroad for exclusive Australian distribution of its lithium solar generator battery units and portable folding solar panel kits.
Carbon Offroad explains that SR Portables is an Australian renewable energy solutions company which has developed modern, efficient, and smart solar energy products that allow customers to achieve energy independence while being cost effective, long lasting and environmentally friendly.
The Australian Made products, with cutting-edge technology, are designed for industrial, commercial, residential, and off-grid applications.
Through its products Carbon Offroad says that users in trade, commercial, overland touring, caravanning, off grid and offroad market sectors will find the SR product suite to provide a full plug and play outcome for portable power generation and use.
Not just a lithium battery, SR has designed a product which is an all-in-one solution, fully integrating all the different components of the solar plant with additional features like an in-built Inverter, MPPT charge controller, a pure sine wave UPS, a reversible net meter and an in-built Li-Ion battery pack for energy storage.
Integrating all these components into a single, compact, portable, plug and play product, which offers energy storage is a game changer for the touring and offroad industries, says Carbon Offroad.
Compliant with international quality standards, Carbon Offroad says they can provide cost-efficient and long-lasting green and clean energy to the community at large, with negligible maintenance expenses.
With three solar generator options ranging from a 130wh Thia, 400wh Cleo to the largest 1395wh Minotaur unit (with optional plug and play piggyback battery bank) Carbon Offroad says it has a solution to meet your off-grid or portable power generation requirements.
To match the above units, also on offer are 40w, 100w and 200w premium folding solar blanket kits which include a warranty of 25-years for performance and a 10-year product guarantee.
For offroad outfitters, van manufacturers, off road retailers and auto electricians, Carbon Offroad says this product group will allow businesses to easily step into the world of off-grid and portable power solutions with full retail and wholesale support, training and stock holding from Carbon Offroad.

For more information or dealer inquiries, visit or call 1300 780 141.