Parts 4 Automotive Group gives its members confidence to grow in uncertain market conditions

Parts 4 Automotive has more than 70 members across Australia, all of which enjoy the benefits of being part of this powerful buying group, while at the same time remaining fiercely independent.
“Parts 4 Automotive was formed in February 2001 by a group of independent automotive businesses who could see the value of combining their buying power,” Parts4 Automotive Business Development Manager, Kim Mamourey, said.
Parts4 says its model is attractive. It allows members to purchase stock at extremely competitive pricing, provides them access to marketing and promotional activities, and above all, helps secure their future in this extremely competitive industry and give them peace of mind during the uncertain Covid-19 environment.
“We’re not there to profit from our members. We’re here to help members to compete out in the marketplace,” Kim described.
“More and more independents are realising that they need to be part of some sort of group so that they can survive. And that’s the benefit of joining Parts4, because they belong to a group but then still have control over their business.”
Each of the 70 plus Parts 4 Automotive stores across Australia are locally owned and operated, so as a result no two stores are alike, but like birds of a feather, Parts 4 Automotive members stick together.
“Traditionally, our members stock products like filters, brakes, oil, cooling components, under-car parts, lighting, transmission, those sorts of things, mixed in with a small range of accessories. So, we sit between what you’d consider a normal Burson and Repco store would look,” Kim said.
“If a member receives an enquiry for a part and is having trouble sourcing it, many will just call another member for advice. While all our stores are independent, we have fostered a culture that ensures our members work together to deliver exceptional outcomes for customers,” he added.

Parts 4 Automotive members also enjoy a rebate program with national suppliers and low annual fees, without being tethered to a lock-in contract. In addition, all Parts 4 Automotive members have the opportunity to catch-up with like-minded store owners from around Australia to share their experiences and identify new opportunities at bi-annual conferences.
“Our members get a lot out of attending the conferences,” Kim said.
“It gives them the chance to build their network, make new friends and they certainly help foster a healthy culture of collaboration and support.”
The Parts 4 Automotive business structure allows members to maintain their independence while belonging to a national buying group that also delivers significant rebates.
“We’re committed to helping members drive their auto parts store into the future,” Kim said.
“We understand that being independent is important to you, just like our current members we understand the pressure of running your own business.”
Parts 4 Automotive Pty Ltd group was formed to bring together a group of independent automotive businesses throughout Australia in order to obtain collective trading advantages by various means including negotiating supplier contracts and better freight deals for all of the members.

To find out more about the benefits Parts 4 Automotive deliver to members, contact Kim Mamouney by calling 0418 532 307 or email