With LED Merchandising

LED Autolamps says it is synonymous with the Automotive Aftermarket industry and has stood the test of time with its signature red bays and signage designed to be visually appealing and configured to engage customers at the point of sale.
LED Autolamps prides itself on delivering fast-moving, neat and profitable product displays that not only look great but will also enhance any retail space.
Its passion and attention to detail when building the right retail merchandiser display is said by LED Autolamps to engage customers and provide a rewarding retail experience.
LED Autolamps says the secret to its success is a four-step process aptly named “Build-a-Bay” which semi automates and streamlines the method and includes the following approach: 1) Input and evaluation requirements, 2) Layout and optimisation of the display, 3) Photo-realistic instore digital visualisation, and 4) Final installation by a dedicated area representative, including follow up to gauge the success of the install.
It says this process ensures a seamless fit and rapid quoting, explicitly tailored to your specific requirements.
LED Autolamps says its determined, dedicated sales team is ready to work with store managers and are also willing to work with you and your customers to incorporate merchandiser displays into their retail environment.
Those behind the company says the benefits of working with its team include stock rotations, new product alerts, and marketing and promotional assistance. Picture re-order cards which come standard with every merchandiser display take the stress out of the re-order process by giving you a clear indicator of the product and barcode which populated that location on the bay.
LED Autolamps says you can rest assured LED Autolamps’ 20 plus years of experience in retail displays, proven quality products, and competitive pricing will give you peace of mind and the edge over your competition.
“We pride ourselves on delivering fast-moving, clean, smart and profitable product displays that get excellent results,” LED Autolamps National Sales Manager, Ashley Piper, said.
“Years of fine-tuning and perfecting our Build-a-Bay process has enabled us to cover more customers with less stress and has been a huge hit in the market place.”
No matter what sized merchandiser display you have, LED Autolamps says it offers a range of light-up displays that will reinforce the purchaser’s decision and assist in driving more sales for your business.
These striking displays are said to instantly grab the attention of the customers and by adding matching signage, creates the final package.
“We have created the perfect, uncluttered solution for our clients’ customers’ retail experience. We believe this will benefit everyone as a whole, and it is a win-win,” Ashley said.
LED Autolamps says its entire operation is certified to ISO9001:2015, the internationally recognised Quality Management Standard and in addition, its main production facility is certified to IATF16949:2016 standards. But, more importantly, LED Autolamps says you are guaranteed conformity of production, exceptional service, technical expertise, supply reliability and dedicated after-sales care.
LED Autolamps explains that it can offer the following benefits to enhance retail stores with an “industry proven” LED lighting product range that is customisable to your specific requirements:
• Expert LED advice and support
• Signage and marketing assistance
• Fast moving products
• Install assistance
• Product training and advice
• Visually pleasing, clean layout
• Stock refresh or turnover
• Stand out, generate more sales
“We provide an ongoing professional service to our customers as well as our customer’s customers that is unmatched in the industry,” Ashley said.
“Faster moving products and the ability to consistently adapt gives us the edge. The key to our success is making sure every installation is a success!”

To learn more about “Build a Bay” or if you require a stock upgrade or refresh, LED Autolamps invites you to call its team on 03 9466 7075 or visit