ZF Aftermarket recommends regular inspection of suspension and steering parts

The year 2020 has been an unusual one so far in terms of car use: despite the increase in home office working, more cars are being driven to maximise social distancing.
Experts therefore recommend regular inspection of safety-relevant suspension and steering parts. If components need to be replaced, ZF Aftermarket says it offers its customers an expanded Lemförder spare parts portfolio in the area of suspension and steering for a wide range of popular vehicle models from Audi to Volvo. 
Suspension and steering parts should be checked regularly, as they play a decisive role in the safe handling of a car. If a defect is found in the suspension and steering parts used there, for example in the ball joints or rubber bearings, these must be completely replaced with new ones.
Damage can occur within days if the sealing protection on a component is inadequate. Moisture and dirt accelerate the process once again, which is why everything in the chassis should be in perfect condition at all times. 
Once dirt or water has penetrated the suspension and steering parts, this is often only manifested by a rattling noise in the chassis, for example in the case of wheel-guiding ball joints. Very quickly, however, the driving behaviour becomes unstable and the car rapidly becomes uncontrollable.
Depending on how far the joint damage has progressed, the affected connection point in the wheel suspension can even break.
Leaky steering boots have a similarly critical effect. As a result, the gear rack can corrode, irreparably damaging the hydraulic sealing components in the steering gear.
The potential for danger is great, as the steering support can then fail completely while driving. In addition, this results in high costs, with the replacement of the complete steering system necessary from this point on. 

Safe and sound with spare parts in OE quality
When replacing defective steering collars, ZF Aftermarket says a few basic principles should be carefully observed.
It states cable ties or universal hose clamps which do not comply with OE specifications should not be used to fix steering collars; as these do not provide sufficient or permanent sealing. Such measures significantly increase the risk of steering damage as described above. 
On the other hand, ZF Aftermarket says mechanics put safety first when they select OE quality steering parts and steering collars from the portfolio of the ZF Aftermarket product brand Lemförder. 
If it is necessary to replace a component in the suspension and steering system, ZF Aftermarket’s experts recommend the installation of parts in OEM quality. Under its Lemförder brand, ZF Aftermarket says it sells a broad product portfolio which is regularly tested in various practical and laboratory tests to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained for all parts.
For example, in a so-called salt spray test, it was reportedly proven that the ball pivot of a Lemförder ball joint shows no corrosion whatsoever, even more than 30 days after direct contact with the salt solution, thanks to the special surface protection. 

Comprehensive portfolio expansion in suspension and steering
In order to provide the best possible support to automotive companies for any necessary replacement of components, ZF Aftermarket says it has comprehensively expanded its range of spare parts in the suspension and steering area, including a wide variety of rubber-to-metal parts.
Among other things, Lemförder products can be ordered locally for a range of vehicles, including a broad range of spare parts for brand-new models, such as ball joints, engine mounts, axial tie rod, the stabiliser link, track control arms and axle mounts. 
Since these are safety-critical parts, ZF Aftermarket says they are subject to the greatest care during design, production and assembly and all Lemförder products in this category are manufactured in original equipment manufacturer quality.

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