The German company was established around 20 years ago

Since its establishment, the brand name called Febest says it has become a leading manufacturer of suspension and steering parts for Japanese, Korean, European and American cars.
Nowadays, Febest is a multinational and intercontinental company with trading offices in Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East and Australia, with dealers and its network of distributors worldwide.
“Febest parts are not just a copy of the original ones, they are a piece of art created by our engineering department,” Febest Managing Director, Eug Kovalenko, said.
“For example, our flexible ‘floating’ arm bushes have a unique design patented by Febest and show better performance when compared with genuine parts.
“Another example of our technical approach to manufacturing parts are the stabiliser links for Subaru cars which were originally made of plastic but here at Febest, we offer a more efficient solution by replacing plastic with aluminium to increase the operational life of these very sensitive parts.

“While not being steering or suspension related, our line of hydraulic engine mountings is another example and a good option for the replacement of the faulty genuine one without compromising performance because it meets the high standards of manufacturing and operational requirements. In fact, factory tests and especially tests in thermo-camera showed its high performance under lower and high temperature and under mechanical testing.
“The categories of auto parts manufactured by Febest are also surprisingly wide with over 11,000 parts from bearings, ball joints, CV joints and tie rod/tie rod ends to bushings of all of the various types and shapes, couplings, engine and transmission mountings, arms, connecting rods, pulleys and more.
“We satisfy a wide array of cars by brands and manufacturing years, meeting the needs of everything from ‘old timers’ to the latest car models.
“Our talented specialists are focused on how to improve and make parts even better. High quality rubber with the correct mixture of required additives makes our components durable, with this confirmed by comprehensive factory tests.”

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